henny sofie.

Henny Sofie.
photo by me.


handy girl and her new apartment.

Well, where to start? Firstly; I'm begging for forgiveness for my absence the past weeks. I recently finished all
my exams and all the spare time I've had since that, has been spent moving into my own apartment. I am so exited
about moving and my apartment is great! I absolutely love it. Besides moving, I've been working and been sick.
Of course I manage to get the flu, the second I have my christmas holiday. Anyways, I've had the pleasure of making 
the apartment my home, I've had so much time to make tons of christmas cards and I've been reading a lot. In other 
words; I've been having a great time. Tomorrow I'm going back to work, which I'm excited about and tomorrow evening, 
I'm catching up with my lovely friends who is returning to Norway for christmas. Finally!

Here's some pictures from the past days.

Housewarming gift from my boyfriend! I love it. Believe it or not, I am very handy!

Another housewarming gift from my boyfriend.

Housewarming gift from my friend, Marit; chai tea and a tea cup from Wayne's.

My "self made" advent lights.

The cute Christmas Pacman my little sister made for me is hanging on my door.

Handy, oh yes. Wearing my boyfriends shirt, love it.


in the meantime.

I stumbled over a video I made this summer. A rainy summer day.

Hjerteknuser - Kaizers Orchestra cover.
(Nevermind my rusty voice, I had a throat infection).

be right back.

Brb. Busy..

..studying for my exams,



I'll be back friday. With some exciting news.

Remember to smile, laugh, eat, drink tea and relax. Take a walk as well, get some peace of mind.

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