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It's fall and I dress accordingly. We all know earthen colors is the colors of the fall season.
Burgundy, mustard yellow, brown, black, dark green, beige - you can't go wrong. Earthen 
colors is the colors of the fall season. Play around and remember to keep it simple. Fall is beautiful.

I'm going out to breathe in the fresh autumn air for a couple hours. I look forward to enjoy a warm 
shower and a nice cup of tea in the corner of the sofa when I come back home. Sunday, lovely, sunday.



instagram highlights.

My lovely Paisley and I.

Made this baby quilt and my dog seem to like it.

View from my bed.

Bubbles in the City.

Me time.

Curled my hair.

My lovely dad preparing dinner while watching the norwegian handball girls playing during the Olympic Games.

World's best little sister and I took a walk at St. Hanshaugen a beautiful sunny day.

Got these gorgeous roses and the cute vase from my boyfriends mother!  Got the two lovely light cups for my birthday from Tessa, my little brothers adorable girlfriend.

Roadtrip to Lillehammer, my boyfriends hometown.

My lovely mom and I at the Springsteen concert at Valle Hovin.

Oslo City before opening.

22/7. OsLove.

The night I posted this photo on Instagram I added: "These pumps aren't made for walkin', but tonight that's what they'll do.." 
On my way to work with my breakfast in my hand; yummy smoothie.

My boyfriend is the greatest chef. Here he's preparing grilled salmon. YUM.


The Springsteen concert. Such a great experience!

Breakfast on the balcony.
Love when the kids come with drawings for me. Here's one from the cutest 1st grade girl.

An old photo. The cutest kitty I've seen! I wanted to bring it home with me.

Some Instagram highlights from the latest months. Not in proper order, though.

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