jobs' successor.

This is what I wore the other day. A black turtleneck and blue jeans. It wasn't until a friend of mine made me aware, 
I could clearly see I was dressed just like Steve Jobs. "Regine, you look like you're ready to hold a Key Note - you 
could easily be Jobs' successor!" It was rather funny and I didn't see it as I was taking these photos the same morning. 
Anyways, I wouldn't mind taking over for Steve - or actually if I could choose - I'd love to work with him. I think 
he was a very interesting person - with great visions.

"And one more thing."
- Steve Jobs.


blondes, see-through and michael kors.

Wearing my absolute favorite accessory, my Michael Kors watch, that I got from my amazingly wonderful boyfriend.
This lovely blouse is actually my mother's, but I don't even know if she can recall me borrowing it from her,
so I consider it mine, hehe. This is an outfit from earlier this month, when it was still cold and dark. Now it's practically 
spring already. Today I let my favorite spring jacket out of my closet for the first time this year, this definitely tells 
me it's spring. I'll post some pictures tomorrow. Today I had a lot to do, spent the whole morning writing a paper I need 
to hand in by the end of next week and the rest of this lovely day was spent at work. Luckily I have such great colleagues. 
I need to go to sleep now, so I have enough energy at work tomorrow. I can't wait for tomorrow evening, the girls are 
coming over for a great girl's night out/in. Not decided yet, but it will be great anyways. It's been planned for weeks already.

Alright then, enjoy the rest of your friday, sweets!



Waking up to a wonderful, sunny day.

Off to the gym.

Tidy up and clean.

Do some planning.





What a lovely sunday. The sun shines through my windows and the snow on my balcony is melting. I am enjoying 
a cup of tea, music and World Snowboarding Championship on TV. Great production and great snowboarders;
both men and women. Right now the final in slope style for men is on, and it's super exciting! I really wish 
I was up there watching the final for real. Especially in this lovely weather.

It's sunday, finally. Enjoy it, everybody.


sunny morning.

ph. by me.

Waking up to this kind of weather is one of the best feelings in the world.




I've always had a thing for cowboy belts. The same goes for cowboy hats and shirts. I bet it has something
 to do with my love for country music. Everyone should at least have a pair of cowboy shirts in their closets.

The amazingly beautiful watch I'm wearing is a Michael Kors watch and I got it from my boyfriend for Christmas.

Today I'm sitting at home, trying to solve a hand-in exercise and do some reading while this very nice guy  is wallpapering
my living room wall. Later today my new sofa will arrive and can't wait! I ordered my sofa in December and finally
it's here. Ah. It's going to look so nice. Okey. I need to get back to my hand-in. Have a lovely, sunny day!


stopped dressing up?

ph. by me.

Photos I shot before Christmas last year. The first photo shows Coca Cola spreading some Christmas 
spirit at Stortorvet. The second photo; a lovely sky behind the Trafikanten tower and the last photo; me 
and my favorite cap and my lovely knitted sweater.

I know I've been a lousy blogger lately. I got a mail from a reader this other day who wondered if I 
didn't wear nice clothes in the winter; since I haven't posted an outfit photo in forever. Hehe, I realized 
if people think I don't doll up during the cold months of the year, it's really time to pull oneself together 
and start posting some outfits. And I really do have to emphasize that cold weather, being sick, stressed or 
late; I always dress up. Hehe, well, stay tuned.



take me away.

Weekend in Paris, March 2011.

Lillehammer, November 2011.

The Hove Festival, Tromøya, June 2011.

Las Vegas, July 2010.

Los Angeles, July 2010.

Santa Monica, LA, July 2010.

Hollywood, LA, July 2010.

Bergen, October 2010.

Sandefjord, summer 2010.


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