blondes, see-through and michael kors.

Wearing my absolute favorite accessory, my Michael Kors watch, that I got from my amazingly wonderful boyfriend.
This lovely blouse is actually my mother's, but I don't even know if she can recall me borrowing it from her,
so I consider it mine, hehe. This is an outfit from earlier this month, when it was still cold and dark. Now it's practically 
spring already. Today I let my favorite spring jacket out of my closet for the first time this year, this definitely tells 
me it's spring. I'll post some pictures tomorrow. Today I had a lot to do, spent the whole morning writing a paper I need 
to hand in by the end of next week and the rest of this lovely day was spent at work. Luckily I have such great colleagues. 
I need to go to sleep now, so I have enough energy at work tomorrow. I can't wait for tomorrow evening, the girls are 
coming over for a great girl's night out/in. Not decided yet, but it will be great anyways. It's been planned for weeks already.

Alright then, enjoy the rest of your friday, sweets!

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