the hove festival.

photo by Katinka.
photos by me.

Sorry I forgot to mention I would be gone for a whole week! I'm at a festival working for NRK P3.
I'm having the best time of my life - and not even the rain we've had the past couple of days bothers me.
Still, I had a couple of days to work on my tan line. I've met a bunch of amazing people, shot some great pictures,
and seen some AMAZING concerts! 30 Seconds to Mars was insane, Linkin Park was great, Tinie Tempah
blew me a kiss from the stage, and Brandon Flowers smiled at me as I cried and sang my heart out throughout
his amazing concert. I managed to get all in front and in the middle at the Brandon Flowers concert, and
there are not enough words in the world to describe what I'm feeling now. Katinka, who came with me to Hove,
is the best. We are having a great time, enjoying the festival life, making the campers happy and playing around!
Tonight we are excited to see Robyn on stage! I'll be back with more pictures and updates on saturday.




i put some new shoes on and suddenly everything's right.

Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes
can change your life.


shopping and ben & jerry's.

Here's some pictures from my lovely wednesday. After work I met up with Henrik and Nene.
Henrik waited patiently while Nene and I shopped. Afterwards we went to Ben & Jerry's for ice cream.

Sun and rain. Beautiful.
all photos by me.

Lovely day. NOW: friday. Gotta get down on friday.
Meeting up with the girls later tonight for mojitos, before we hit the town!
Wish you a great friday!


shopping with the girls.

A day in Oslo with the girls - a day well spent. Had so much fun with these two fabulous looking girls.

Katinka in her awesome pants, sexy shoes and new suede leather jacket!

While Synnøve was trying out some shoes, we figured photographing ourselves in the mirror was a good idea.

I'm wearing my favorite Pilgrim watch and a charm armband from Pilgrim, my beloved YSL ring, moms scarf, my new beige blazer and my lovely purse from Asos.

ph. by me.

good times.

Friday I was planning to celebrate my birthday, but the girls were all busy so I was going to spend the  evening at home. Until I got kidnapped that is.

My mom blindfolded me, telling me my little sister had a surprise for me in the front yard. Suddenly I
was left to myself, no one responded and someone led me through the yard and put me in a car.

The girls were obviously busy kidnapping me and I had no idea about what was going on.
Mom, my brother and sister was involved and the girls had really planned this!
I was didn't know wether I was going to laugh or cry. It was a bit scary and we drove around for an hour
(they got a bit lost on the way) and I had no idea who was in the car, 'cause no one was talking. But they
were playing loud music; my all time favorite songs. I can't believe how they've
picked up on all of the songs - I bet Katinka should have the credit for this. I have so many great memories to each song they played. 

After an hour of driving I was led up some stairs, taken inside and put in a chair. I got a glass in my hand
and suddenly I heard the girls singing the birthday song. I took the blindfold of and I couldn't help but cry
a little as I saw Synnøve, Katinka, Katharina and Marit singing to me and I realized I am the luckiest girl
to have the most amazing friends.

Marit and Katharina had made a lovely dinner, Katinka had baked the best carrot cake,
while Synnøve had made the sweetest muffins with dark and white chocolate and loads of frosting.
We had such a great evening; eating, talking and laughing. I also got the nicest gift!
Thank you girls, thank you for making this the best birthday surprise ever - you are the best!

The following day, saturday, I met up with Synnøve and Katinka.
We went shopping and had such a fun day. (More pictures to come).
Synnøve and I.

Saturday night we went out and had a blast!

 Me, Synnøve, Torstein, Henrik & Katharina.

A happy twenty year old girl!

All pictures in this post is by Katinka!

happy birthday to me.

Since last time I posted anything on my blog;
 I turned 20!

ph. by Henny Sofie.

ph. by mom.

ph. by me.

me & dad.
ph. by mom.

Pictures from my celebration with the family. I had such a great day!

One of the best things about having birthday is that it is totally accepted to ear left over cake
or breakfast the following day. Perfect.

Later the following day I went to Oslo to meet up with the girls at Café Sør (Café South).

Beautiful Katinka.

Gorgeous Katharina.
ph. by me.

Me. (ph. by Katinka)

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