fashion decade; 1960s.

Blowing in the Wind in the 60s.
The sixties were affected by a social revolution, an anti-war movement, the rise of feminism and the first man on the moon. Music; Bob Dylan, The Beatles, The Byrds, Elvis Presley and The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, Animals, The Who - among many other.


fashion decade; 1950s.

50s - the birth of Rock 'n Roll and a wonderful fashion decade.
The American economy was on the upswing, Rock 'n Roll was hitting the radios. The Korean War and the beginning of the Cold War created a politically conservative climate. Fear of Communism where everywhere and the decolonization in Africa and Asia occurred in the 50s, and in the following decade of the 1960s.


fashion decade; 1920s.

Roaring Twenties.
You just gotta love the 20s.

The 1920s were affected by World War I, Jazz music blossomed, Art Deco, the changing role of women - women finally attained the political equality, that they so long had been fighting for. Wall Street Crash in 1929 - followed by The Great Depression. Exciting decade - and the fashion - WOW.


effectful warmify.

I love to warmify my pictues. Here are some from the same series as the black and white ones in the post underneath. Hope you like 'em.



powerful in black & white.

I love black and white photography. Here are some I shot this summer.

What do you think?

Soundtrack of today: Steeling Electricity - Tom Russell.


triaden awards.

Yesterday the center I work on, Triaden, had a great party for all it's employees and it was a huge success! It was given awards to the best stores in different categories. It was 8 awards and 2 awards of honor. For those of you who doesn't know - I work at a coffee bar. We were nominated for two awards out of the 8, but we didn't win any of them. At last the center leader was to give out the very last award, the award of honor; "Store of the Year 2009" - everyone were so excited. Guess who won? WE DID. Ah, we were all so proud, receiving the award from the center leader. The night ended by buses returning home at 02 A.M, after a LONG and amazing night! Great food, music, drinks, friends and other great people - a lot of dancing, singing/screaming and mingling. Loads of smiling, laughing and fun - and today? Today I'm tired. Definitely worth it. Congrats to my great colleagues - we have definitely deserved this award!


sweet talk.

Today is a rainy, dark friday. I feel like running home, make myself a nice, big cup of cocoa, light up the fireplace and read a nice book in the sofa corner. But I have some things to do first. Have a great friday!


the eye of the tiger.

I would like to have a little heartbreaker, such as this one!

Quote of the day;
The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. - Walt Disney

Despite the fact that I'm a bit sick, I'm going to a concert tonight, which I've been looking forward to for years. Steve Earle. One of my favorite artists. I haven't been able to go to his concerts before, because of the age limit - 18. But NOW, I'm 18 and happy and I'm going to my very first Steve Earle concert and I can't wait!


the school day is very soon over.

My forhead is boiling and I feel dizzy. Luckily the school day is over very soon. Class is a mess and no one finds the concentration to do anything, no one is even pretending to do something reasonable. Armin - turning 18 today actually - is taking pictures of himself with Ingrid's cell phone and Katinka and Ingrid is laughing at a picture of our teacher. I can't really hear Synnøve and Marit's conversation but I bet it has something to do with Africa. Anissa is borrowing my hand cream, Simen is eating on a pen and Sebastian is probably just messing around on the internet on his lame computer, while Ken and I look cool with our awesome MacBooks. Everyone is just doing there thing. The substitue seems to have given up, on the dawn of the day, sitting there chewing on his Fisherman's Friend. I'm boiling. Luckily the school day is over very soon.


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