I wish this was my outfit for work today. Unfortunately it isn't.
Take a look at Jessica Hart's blog, i love the amazing photos she posts.


rocking wellingtons.

Last year I bought my beloved Ilse Jacobsen wellingtons. But ever since my mom came home with the most amazing Hunter wellingtons from Sweden, I've been desperately seeking a new pair. My mom's Hunter are in black crocodile skin and I simply adore them. UNTIL I found the most amazing one's today! They're from Hunter as well, but a bit more rocked. I was thinking of different ways to wear them, and they look amazing no matter what you wear with them. I put together some outfits to see how much they actually look good with anything. I bet you could even rock them with a college sweater.

Here with a jacket from Stella McCartney, Burberry hand bag and with a bow (Blair Waldorf style) or a huge hat. Love it.

Secondly, they look really good with a more "classy" style. A long trench coat- a bit Chanel inspired - with a matching umbrella and the same Burberry hand bag.

They also look very good worn with a more classic outfit. With a lovely beige trench coat from Burberry, the Burberry hand bag, some gorgeous sunglasses and gloves from Asos.com.

I need these. When I'm bored at work the upcoming days - I'll be thinking about them.

Nighty night, now it's bed time. Tonight I'll be falling asleep to Dylan's Mississippi.


out of tune.

ph. Markus Orlien.

Today is sunny. Sunny is good. Rest of this week is said to be rainy. Rainy means cleaning-out-my-closet-weather. Personally I'm more fond of being outside drinking-coffee-with-friends-and-staying-out-late-weather. But norwegian summer isn't like that.

Today i have work from 17. Tomorrow, friday and saturday I'll be working as well. A friend of mine turns 20 this saturday and I look forward to celebrate him.

Well, I better get going.


my closet.

..needs to be renewed. My closet solution is not to stand anymore. I'm in desperate need for something different. My project for the upcoming weeks: clean up my closet, tear down the old solution and up with something new.

I want my clothes hanging.

I want my shoes visible.

I want an open solution.

I want it to be personal.

Like Rumi?


Looks like I have to pay a visit to IKEA this week!


march 11, 1962.

One of my greater inspiration sources is the amazing singer songwriter, Mary Gauthier. Her music has touched my to tears numerous of times and seeing her live at McCabe's Guitar Shop in Santa Monica, LA with my parents was one of the greatest experiences and concerts I've ever been to. She was in Oslo a couple of years ago, but I wasn't old enough to go, so I was very lucky my parents took me to see her in LA. Both my mom and my dad are huge fans of her and they were the ones to introduce me to her music. I encourage you to take some time to listen to her music.

She shared a lot of amazing stories from her life and said some incredible things on the stage in LA. Some things that I haven't really managed to forget. I'd like to quote her and use this opportunity to recommend you to listen to her music. One of my favorites - March 11, 1962 - tells the story of her life, listen to it. Listen to the lyrics, listen to the guitar play, listen to the mood. Hopefully you'll be blown away, like me.

"Songs is a mystery. I don't no where they're coming from - I just hope to God they keep coming"
- Mary Gauthier, Santa Monica, LA, July 10th 2010.


"A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom."
- Bob Dylan

Good night.


quote of the day.

"No one ever told me I was pretty when I was a little girl. All little girls should be told they're pretty, even if they aren't."
- Marilyn Monroe.


inspiration of the day.

Photo taken by me.

Today's inspirational quote;
"Some people, no matter how old they get, never lose their beauty - they merely move it from their faces into their hearts." - Martin Buxbaum


in the field.

"Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability." - Sam Keen

Having a great day at work in the rain. Yesterday was such a lovely sumer day and I had a great sunday enjoying sun, a book and restful afternoon.

Have a great monday!



Photo taken by Markus last summer when we went to see the horses.

"He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe."- Marcus Aurelius

junior luggage.

My Jessica Simpson's Junior Luggage platforms from Macy's. I could marry them

I'm glad so many of you liked my outfit from the other day! I got some comments on it today at the mall as well, that made my day.

Today I've spent the day jogging, cleaning and tiding my room and while giving my nails a french manicure I watched the two remaining episodes of Gossip Girl season 3. I have officially no life until season 4 comes out. I can't wait! Anyone else finding themselves in this situation? Any tips till what I can do to make the time waiting any easier?

I think it's time to pay my dreams a visit.


miss long legs.

Outfit. Bought these amazingly gorgeous pants and the top with the lovely flower pattern yesterday. I'm in love with it. The shoes are the ones from the Jessica Simpson shoe box that came home with me from Macy's in San Francisco.

Today: work, sun, family dinner tonight and the weekend off, yey!

Thank you for all the lovely mails and comments lately, you guys are great!


make me wanna die.

This summer's soundtrack: Make Me Wanna Die - The Pretty Reckless.

Love this song - and the music video! I'm such a great fan of Taylor Momsen. I love her attitude. She's girl with many talents - model, singer and actress. All of this at the age of only 16. I love her as "Little J" in Gossip Girl - GG-fan as I am.

I love this picture. It's taken from the music video, Make Me Wanna Die. I would love a photo shoot like that some time. I mean, I'm allowed to dream, hehe.

more from the window shoot.

Lill siss and me in LA.


home, sweet home.

Our plane landed safely back home yesterday after a rather turbulent trip. We flew over this terrible storm in huge parts of America. From my window spot I could easily notice the lightning underneath us.

This is what waited at home;

I can't explain the purple light in the pictures, but it's kind of cool I think!

Well, today it's back to work, 1 pm - 9 pm! When I come home I'll post some more pictures from California.

Have a wonderful day!


good morning, LA.

Lill siss, Henny Sofie.
Photos by Henny Sofie.

Beautiful day. We're heading up to O.C for a couple of hours today. Tonight I'm going to a concert in Santa Monica with mom and dad. Mary Gauthiere is playing and I'm so excited! I'll just have to finish my coffee and post this blogpost, and than I'm ready to go.

you'll never get to heaven, or even to LA, if you don't believe there's a way.

Blogpost from yesterday:
LA in my heart.
Great weather, great people, great coffee, great day.
Lill siss enjoying her new iPad and a frappeccino.


oh, happy day.

This blogpost was supposed to be posted yesterday, but the internet wouldn't cooperate:

Santa Barbara today. Very cozy! At the moment, the family is gathered at the hotel room, sitting in the queen beds, with the TV on, iPads and Macbooks on our laps, laughing of silly things that happened through the vacation. Priceless!

I love Macy's. All the best brands gathered at one place. This is what I left Macy's with today.

I'll show you the goodies in the boxes later!

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