junior luggage.

My Jessica Simpson's Junior Luggage platforms from Macy's. I could marry them

I'm glad so many of you liked my outfit from the other day! I got some comments on it today at the mall as well, that made my day.

Today I've spent the day jogging, cleaning and tiding my room and while giving my nails a french manicure I watched the two remaining episodes of Gossip Girl season 3. I have officially no life until season 4 comes out. I can't wait! Anyone else finding themselves in this situation? Any tips till what I can do to make the time waiting any easier?

I think it's time to pay my dreams a visit.

3 kommentarer:

Sophia sa...

love the follow up post- those heels really are gorgeous. that last picture of you is too cute..

Sophia sa...

I'm currently in NY (where i grew up) but i go to school near LA and i went to high school in Baltimore..i'm just a wandering soul..haha

Silje sa...

Eg har begynnt å sjå på andre seriar mens eg ventar på sesong 4. Men no er eg ferdig med dei og..
For nokre nydelege sko!

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