flash back: window sill, LA.

Pictures of me, taken by lill siss, Henny Sofie.

ph. by me.

Ah, take me back to LA and the ability to wear gorgeous summer dresses, sunglasses and open heels. I want to skip down to the first corner to a Starbucks, have a frappeccino, chat with the sweet barristers, walk streets of LA with a frappe in my hand while enjoying the amazing city. Reality check: I'm wearing sweats (from VS actually), wool socks, scarf while drinking cocoa in front of the fireplace. It's -16 C outside (3,2 F). Well, I like the winter, but I wouldn't mind a trip back to LA, right now.

"Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth,
for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home."
- Edith Sitwell

does this inspire you?

These pictures sure inspires me. I'm very weak for black and white photography, and pictures like these, taken on a balcony with a big, bustling city in the background. 

Today is such an amazing day. I have my day off work, and I woke up when the sun shined through my window. What an amazing way to wake up. I walked my dog, we plowed ourselves through the snow, playing and having a good time. When we went back in I made myself a cup of cocoa and tucked myself in with a good book. Perfect.

"A man is a success if he
gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night,
and in between he does what he wants to do."
Bob Dylan 


recipe: lovely morning.

Recipe for a lovely morning: cup of cocoa with cream, sofa corner, a cozy blanket and loads of pillow, someone to cuddle with - in my case - my dog, Paisley and a good book. This is the closest thing to perfect on a grey winter morning like today.

"Your mind is like a parachute
- it functions only when open."

I walked my dog around the block in my PJ pants today, this has been a very lazy friday morning! Time to get busy - the kitchen and the living room needs to be straighten up.

"Life is 10 percent what you make it and
90 percent how you take it."
- Irving Berlin

Wish you all a lovely friday!


strength lies in differences, not in similarities.

“One man can be a crucial ingredient on a team, but one man cannot make a team.”
- Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

photos by me.

The main ingredient of stardom is the rest of the team.
- John Wooden

Some photos I took this Sunday @ the local team's soccer match. My brother was playing and they make such a great team. Enjoyed watching and photographing them.

Good night.


i need my coffee in the morning.

"A cup of coffee shared with a friend is
happiness tasted and time well spent."

Woke up with a headache, read the newspaper to a cup of coffee and I'm already feeling better.
I have work at 4, and I'm looking forward to it. I haven't been at work since friday, and I miss my boss and my colleagues.
Tomorrow I'm going to a concert and I'm really excited.

Wish you all an amazing day, I'm taking Paisley out to play in the snow now.


craving: ysl.

I fell in love with this ring immediately when I first saw a picture of it on a blog this summer. I love the blue stone, but this ring is just as beautiful in all the other colors, especially the red one.

I'm having a huge craving for this YSL ring and I'm planning to add it to my ring collection asap.

"There is no end of craving.
Hence contentment alone is the best way to happiness.
Therefore, acquire contentment."
- Swami Sivananda

thinking inside the box.

I've been very busy lately, and I haven't found the time, nor inspiration to blog. I apologize for the lack of posts the past week.

Thank you for the lovely comments and mails I received on my last post. I'm very thankful for comments and it makes me really happy that you like my pictures.

"We are all inventors,
each sailing out on a voyage of discovery,
guided each by a private chart,
of which there is no duplicate.
The world is all gates, all opportunities."
Ralph Waldo Emerson


take these broken wings and learn to fly.

photos by me.

"Be grateful for luck.
Pay the thunder no mind - listen to the birds.
And don't hate nobody."
Eubie Blake 


close your eyes, clear your heart.

photos by me.

“Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect.
It means that you've decided to look beyond
the imperfections.”


she's an angel for sure, she just can't stop telling lies.

photos by me.

(My favorite song)

"She's got her halo and wings
Hidden under his eyes
But she's an angel for sure
She just can't stop telling lies
But it's too late for his love
Already caught in a trap
His angel's kiss was a joke
And she is not coming back.

Because heaven sends and heaven takes
Crashing cars in his brain
Keep him tied up to a dream
And only she can set him free."
-Under the Gun - The Killers.

november sun.

photos by me.

I've caught the flu. Seriously. Woke up today freezing, sore throat and headache. Outside: snow. It's been snowing all day and it's lovely. It makes it feel a bit better sitting inside being sick.

“The first fall of snow is not only an event,
it is a magical event”


coat love.

I recently went up to the loft and found all my lovely winter coats. Coats are one my favorites items to wear during the winter season. As we're facing a long, cold winter - my many coats will keep me warm and  chic.

Today it's frost all over my lawn and I'm heading for Oslo with my camera later today, where I'll hopefully get some good pictures in the lovely weather. I'm starting work at 4 p.m and tomorrow I'm going to a course with Apple and I'm very excited.

“Grab your coat, and get your hat,
leave your worry on the doorstep,
just direct your feet, 
to the sunny side of the street.”
- Dorothy Fields.

Wish you all an amazing day.


broken glass.

ph. by me.

"The soul never thinks without a picture."



no one ever tells you that forever feels like home.

photos by me.

 Some pictures from Oslo a couple of days ago. Today I start work at 5 p.m, meaning I have my day off until that. Feels great. Another great thing - saturday I'm going to a concert after work and I'm so excited. It's a norwegian rap duo and I'm a huge fan of them. Ah, I can't wait.

Byduer i dur - Karpe Diem.
(The lyrics is norwegian)

Wish all of you a lovely day!


daddy's eyes.

"And there's something
that I want to say,
I love her, too.
And all of this has got

nothing to do with you.

And I'd like to stay but I can't because
I've been fooling around and I know
That you called because you never even knew
That it was hurting me."

-"Daddy's Eyes - The Killers.


this is not the end, this is not the beginning.

photos by me.

Waiting For the End - Linkin Park.

The lack of blogging the past couple of days is due to my new baby. My amazing new iMac 27" have moved into my room - and I've been using all of my spare time the last days with it.
My room is now the closest thing to perfect and represents me and my interests to the fullest and in every way. Meaning; I'm never ever moving out of here.
Sorry, mom and dad - you will have to listen to me sing, play guitar, watch Gossip Girl, play loud music and talking on the phone late at night many years to come.

I've had so much fun recording music these last days. I'm just getting to understand Logic Pro 9, and it is amazing! Finally, I have a really good tool to record my music with my beloved
Yet-I microphone (I felt Garageband limited me a bit, so I have the perfect recording tool now) and it's getting slightly more understandable every day.
If there's anyone reading my blog who knows Logic just a single bit more than I do - I'd love to hear from you. Tips are well appreciated.

It's November 1st already - wow. I can't believe it's soon December and christmas. I'm already in christmas mood and it actually feels great. I'm waiting for the snow.
I miss the beautiful sight of the snow glimpsing in the sun and brightening up a dark winter night. I'm excited to dig out my skis
from the garage and make my way down the Norwegian mountains. Ah, I love winter.

"I'm holding on to what I haven't got."
- Waiting For the End - Linkin Park.

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