this is not the end, this is not the beginning.

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Waiting For the End - Linkin Park.

The lack of blogging the past couple of days is due to my new baby. My amazing new iMac 27" have moved into my room - and I've been using all of my spare time the last days with it.
My room is now the closest thing to perfect and represents me and my interests to the fullest and in every way. Meaning; I'm never ever moving out of here.
Sorry, mom and dad - you will have to listen to me sing, play guitar, watch Gossip Girl, play loud music and talking on the phone late at night many years to come.

I've had so much fun recording music these last days. I'm just getting to understand Logic Pro 9, and it is amazing! Finally, I have a really good tool to record my music with my beloved
Yet-I microphone (I felt Garageband limited me a bit, so I have the perfect recording tool now) and it's getting slightly more understandable every day.
If there's anyone reading my blog who knows Logic just a single bit more than I do - I'd love to hear from you. Tips are well appreciated.

It's November 1st already - wow. I can't believe it's soon December and christmas. I'm already in christmas mood and it actually feels great. I'm waiting for the snow.
I miss the beautiful sight of the snow glimpsing in the sun and brightening up a dark winter night. I'm excited to dig out my skis
from the garage and make my way down the Norwegian mountains. Ah, I love winter.

"I'm holding on to what I haven't got."
- Waiting For the End - Linkin Park.

2 kommentarer:

Guro sa...

Jeg elsker Linkin Park! Så de live på lørdag, i Danmark. Helt ubeskrivelig!!

Regine Pandora sa...

Jeg har dessverre aldri hatt gleden av å se de live, men jeg liker de veldig godt selv! Og Waiting For the End er en fantastisk låt :)

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