My brothers confirmation went great and I was well complimented about my outfit. I felt so classy in my simple, but gorgeous white dress and my studded heels. After a long night sleeping on the couch - because my sister and her friends slept in my queen bed tonight - and a beautiful day in the sun celebrating my boyfriends birthday, I'm finally off to sleep in my own cozy bed! Can't wait to another warm and sunny day tomorrow, and folks, only a week left until I finally turn 18

"Look for the woman in the dress. If there is no woman, there is no dress."
- Coco Chanel

The Eyes.

"The eyes are the mirror of the soul."
- Yiddish Proverb

What makes the eyes so fascinating? People tend to say the beauty is in the eyes, what does that even mean?
And what does smile with your eyes mean? Is it even possible? This picture is my interpretation of smiling
with my eyes, are you able to see it? (Photo by my boyfriend).



I adore fringe boots, I bought myself a pair in Malaga, Spain from Bershka, and they look awesome. I like to combine them with a cool shirt, leather jacket and skinny jeans. Do you have a thing for fringes?

My fringe boors from Bershka.
(Photo by my boyfriend)

My boyfriend actually turned 18 today and my brother's confirmation is today, so there's a lot to do in very little time!


On the Road Again

The girl is wearing skirt and jacket from Dolce & Gabbana (picture 1), LOVE it.

Here she wears a beautiful Miu Miu skirt!

Pictures from a lovely shoot I randomly stumbled over - and I adore it.

Do You Have the Courage?



Balmain has come to be one of the most famous and popular brands lately. Every fashionista have their opinion about the characteristic Balmain clothing. The Balmain jackets have been a must have in Hollywood and it's seen everywhere lately.

On the runway

Worn by celebrities

Victoria Beckham wearing a balmain jacket with bleached jeans.

Jennifer Connely wearing a spangled bottlegreen Balmain dress with the famous Balmain studded sandals. Hot.

Rihanna reminds me a bit of Michael Jackson in this picture, the hair, the glasses and the jacket. But man, she looks awesome. The combination makes it look laidback and cool.

Julia Renstoin-Roitfeld wearing a hot bandage Balmain dress.

Gwyneth Paltrow looking classy in a white Balmain jacket.

Last, but not least, Beyonce Knowles, looking gorgeous in the most "popular" Balmain jacket, this one is my favorite. Togehter with these hot Balmain heels;

When a Man Comes Around

I'm listening to the great Johnny Cash at the moment - one of my all time favorite artists. The song When a Man Comes Around contains this sentence I've always wondered what really means. I looked it up and I got my answer. It's from the bible.

"And I looked, and behold: a pale horse. And his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him."
- Revelation 6:8

Not exactly a pale horse. Horses are beautiful, they look so wise.
This one and I became good friends.
(Picture taken by my boyfriend last summer).


Chloe '09

Chloe Spring '09

Chloe Fall '09



Gorgeous Natasha Poly in a strapless, spangled dress. Her make-up is pretty, not over the top and looks really good on her.
The pictures are from the premier on the movie Looking for Eric.

I totally fell in love with the transparent, spangled dress Eva Herzigova wore on the premier for Looking for Eric, from Atelier Versace.

I think spangled clothes looks amazing and I find this blazer from H&M really cool.
With the right accessories, skinny jeans and the right heels - this blazer would look astonishingly awesome.
I believe one of these pair of shoes would look really cool with this blazer and black skinny jeans.
These shoes are from F21 and I think they're amazing!

I've also fallen in love with these pairs from Bianco.

What do you think of spangled clothing?


"The idea of waiting for something makes it more exciting.."
- Andy Warhol


Fashion Against AIDS

"The message is as important as ever, the design team is just as star-studded.
Fashion Against AIDS is back - a collection supporting the fight against AIDS,
with celebrity designers ranging from Dita Von Teese to Pharrell Williams."

For the second time, H&M, Designers Against AIDS and celebrities went together to design a clothing
collection to promotea message of safe sex. I love the concept and I encourage everyone to take a
look at the upcoming collection. I think you might find something you'll like :).



Summer Lovin'

I'm done with my exam, school is more or less over for this season and summer is officially here. This time of year last year my school was affected by the strike, so I had some lovely days off to spend with my friends in the sun. It's a bit annoying 'cause now I have to sit at school with more or less nothing to do - just looking at the beautiful weather from inside of the window, longing for summer holiday. I find it hard to understand what to focus on at school these days, when I'm practically done. But what can I do? I just have to sit down nicely, smile and wait for the holiday to come - like everybody else.

The Beauty of Your Dreams.

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.."
-Eleanor Roosevelt


At The Cabin

Spontaneous as I am, I joined a trip to a friends cabin, late thursday night. It wasn't planned at all, but it turned out to be a great trip. We had a lot of fun sun bathing, swimming, eating, dancing and singing to Eurovision songs and so on.

Well, after long nights - staying up late, getting up early - I think I'll go to sleep now. I need some sleep.

Good night<3


I believe.

"I believe in pink. I believe laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing; kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and I believe in miracles."
- Audrey Hepburn

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