arc de triomphe.

photos by mom.

Today, my lovely friend, Betina, visited me at home. I made chocolate coconut cakes, we had tea and watched Gossip Girl. How lovely to just hang out with a friend like that again. Can't remember last time I did so. Tomorrow she is turning 20, and I'm looking forward to celebrate her!


je ne parle pas français.

ph. by Henny Sofie.
..but I’d love to do so some day. I’ve discovered that the pronounciation of words in other languages comes natural to me. Grammar not so much, but I realized I have the motivation and that I understand more than I thought I did. I’m considering to try learning french. When I find time of course.
“Those who know nothing of foreign languages, know nothing of their own.”

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


seing yourself on tv.

..was as I've mentioned earlier - very strange, but fun at the same time. I had such a great time doing these interviews and here's a few selected scenes from the Migrapolis episode.
From my meeting with Mag editor, Celine Irgens Aagaard.

Meeting Asbjørn Slettemark, an awesome norwegian music journalist.

Seeing the proficient psychologist, Hedvig Montgomery.

From the interview in my room.

On my way to Oslo Fashion Week.

I know the quality sucks, but it is from the web-tv.

I have such an amazing experience to look back on.
Thank you all for the lovely feedback I've received. I really appreciate it!


remain in bed.

@ my hotel room in Paris.

I went to see my doctor today and I was told I have a throat infection. How lovely.
Anyways, I'm supposed to stay in for a couple of days, not stress or work hard, until I'm not so swollen.
Meaning I will be blogging a lot the next days, so the outcome is not that bad.


chateau de versailles.

photos of me taken by Henny Sofie.
photo of Versailles taken by me.

Just a few selected pictures from our last day in Paris. More to come. I'm sorry for the lack of updates, but I've been very busy the last days and I'm catching what feels like
a cold, but I sense the allergy season entering. I believe a visit to the doctor and an allergy injection might be a good solution.

Nighty night.

i'm on tv.

ph. by Betina Cecilia.

About a month ago I blogged about me working with NRK - Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation.
Yesterday I sat down with my family and watched myself on Migrapolis - a well-known norwegian
TV-program. It was weird and fun at the same time.

I was contacted by one of Migrapolis' hosts and I was interviewed about my dream of working with music.
The theme of yesterdays program was how some does everything to get attention and to become a celebrity,
while others get unwanted attention. My story is my dream of doing what I love the most. I want to live out my dream; working with music.
To be able to work with music, you need to get attention. You need to be seen, and promote your music.
It is very important that people don't get this wrong - I don't want to become a celebrity, I want to be known from what I love.
I was interviewed and brought to different experts on different fields. I met a stylist/editor of a norwegian fashion magazine,
I met a psychologist and I met one of my idols - Asbjørn Slettemark - a norwegian music journalist. I've experienced incredibly much,
met the most amazing people and learned more than I could ever imagine - about myself as well. I'm so grateful for this,
and I would like to thank Edin, one of Migrapolis' hosts, for guiding me perfectly through the shootings.

If you would like to see the show you can see it here. Unfortunately for my english-speaking readers, this show is all in norwegian.


wendell gee.

My best friend and little brother, Wendell Gee, turns 17 today.

"Growing old is mandatory;
growing up is optional."
- Chili Davis

Happy birthday, bro.
I'm so proud of you.
Love, big siss.

louvre and notre dame.

The beautiful view at the amazingly beautiful Louvre museum!

Lill siss took this photo of outside Louvre, while waiting to get inside.

And this is a picture my mom shot in front of this lovely sculpture inside the glass pyramid entrance.

So much is happening in this picture. This guy made the most amazing, huge bubbles, and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

Inside the astonishingly magnificent Notre Dame Cathedral.

photos by me.

Hope you enjoyed some more pictures from Paris. There's more to come.

I'm finally home from another busy, yet great day at work. The iPad 2 is being launched in Norway tomorrow, everything is now under control - and I'm waiting in excitement for them to arrive!

Hope to see you tomorrow - if not to buy one - it is definitely worth checking out.

"The traveler sees what he sees.
The tourist sees what he has come to see."
- G.K. Chesterton


love paris.

At OSL Gardermoen.

My hotel window view.

photos by me.

I'm coming back.


favorite paris tv moments.

Serena & Blair in Paris.
Carrie in Paris.

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