RP. loves; ysl lipstick.

YSL Rouge Volupte.

Beautiful colors, beautiful design and long lasting beautiful lips.

do you see what i see?

These pictures are taken earlier this year on sunday afternoon, when I friend of mine and I had a long walk in the lovely winter sun.

At the end of our walk, the sun was on it's way down and we were lucky enough to see the sundown.
The beautiful sky amazed me and I'm so happy I brought my camera.

ph. by me.

Lord of the far horizons,
Give us the eyes to see
Over the verge of the 
The beauty that is to be.
- William Bliss Carman

It's friday and I'm having my day off. If only the sun would appear soon - everything would be .. perfect?


RP loves: wellingtons.

The two upper wellies are from Burberry, and the two at the bottom are from Hunter - obviously.

I love the studded details on the left pairs of wellies. I've blogged about the studded Hunter ones before and I still find them amazingly tough - actually, they all do. I like the fact that wellies are as cool to use in the summertime with shorts - especially in the festival season - as in the rainy, fall season used with rain coats. I know many people have a hate against "the festival look"; wellies and shorts, but not only are they cool to look at - they are also convenient. Go for a pair of black wellies with simple, yet cool details, and use it along with whatever you find comfortable.

Karolina Kurkova and Ashley Olsen.



RP. loves; heels.

Oh, yes.

Classic heels, wedges, rocked with studs, peep toes. The higher the better.

Tomorrow; monday and a new busy week ('cause I don't have winter vacation).

sunny sunday.

ph. by Henny Sofie.

What a lovely sunday. First I had a lovely breakfast, then Katinka, my lovely friend who studies in the U.S Skyped me. I'm glad I got a chance to speak to her today, it's been way to long time since we last spoke - and I miss her a lot of course. My cousin came over today - and I watched after her for a little while. We went for a walk along with my little sister. When we came back in, we baked American Chocolate Chip Cookies and I sat down in the sofa corner with a book and a cup of tea.


you are the light.

"Turn your face to the sun
and the shadows fall behind you."
- Maori Proverb

ph. by me.

ph. by Henny Sofie.

"Who is more foolish,
the child afraid of the dark
or the man afraid of the light?"
- Maurice Freehill


what i discovered today.

I have learned and discovered incredibly much today. My parents, aunt, uncle, lill siss and I cleaned out my grandparents apartment. My grandmother passed away a couple of years ago, while my grandfather just got placed at a nursing home. This very apartment, where my mom grew up along with my aunt and uncle, has been looking more or less exactly the same for the last 20 years. My grandfather never threw anything away, neither did my grandmother, meaning we had a LOT to go through this saturday. I found a great amount of old glasses I instantly fell in love with. Two old typewriters fascinated me, as well as a whole lot of books, some of them dated as old as 1767. In some of the books I found people sharing my last name, I found pictures of ancestors I know little or nothing about and I realized how much I miss being a little girl visiting "mimmi and bestefar" (grandmother and grandfather) in Oslo.

I knew my grandfather had a lot of old newspaper and flyers from the Second World War, but I haven't really seen it. Today I discovered stacks of old books, newspapers, speeches, flyers and other interesting literature from the Second World War. The reason is - sadly enough - that my great-grandfater supported Hitler during the war. I'm looking forward to study all of these newspapers, speeches and flyers. I find it amazingly interesting. My wise and inspiring teacher, Gunnar, from high school shared the same fascination for this as I do, and he made me understand what great history is hidden in my grandparents apartment and loft. I'm going back tomorrow and I'll make sure to bring all I can find home.

Here's some pictures from today;

Apple Extended Keyboard II 

ph. by me.
ph. of me taken by Henny Sofie.

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