my girls @ the sex and the city premiere.

I happened to find some other photographs yesterday. These were taken at the premiere of Sex and the City 2 movie. It was a beautiful, sunny day and all the world and his wife were there - celebrities, bloggers, girls of all ages and some lost looking boyfriends, unwillingly dragged there by their enthusiastic girlfriends.

Synnøve and Marit. These amazing girls are in Africa until May (I believe) and I miss them so much.

My dearest girls, Linn Marie and Katharina. Linn Marie is studying political science
at the University of York, while Katharina is studying at the University of Oslo. Clever, gorgeous girls.

Me along with stunning Katinka who is now living and studying in Virginia. I'm planning to visit her as soon as possible.

Here, gathered. Ingrid, the last one of us, was unfortunately not present at the premiere. I have the most amazing friends and I miss them so much.

(They will all hate me for posting these pictures, but I find them quite charming.)

3 kommentarer:

Katinka sa...

What is wrong with my face? I look like a bulldog.

The other pictures were cute though - I love Katharina´s expression ;)

Regine Pandora sa...

You look hilarious^^ I do too. But you have a FINE looking outfit - HOT HOT HOT. I agree, Katharina is really adorable in the picture^^

SAFIA sa...

Hey girls i discover your blog and i reaally love it !!!
you look amazing !
Big kisses from morocco


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