soon december.

Tomorrow is December 1st. Christmas is coming amazingly fast this year, and I can't wait for all the wonderful things this December will bring.

Every day till Christmas eve, I will - as some kind of a christmas calendar - post an inspiring quote here on my blog. So, stay tuned!


at the cabin.

At the moment I'm enjoying life at our cabin. After a long day skiing with my family I've finally settled down infront of the fireplace with some cocoa. Great weather, loads of snow - I'm happy.

From earlier today before skiing.

at school 7 o'clock.

I have a tendency to arrive at school earlier than anyone else. This is what my school looks like two hours before my classmates will arrive.

Empty and dark.

Have a great evening, readers.



last photo from photoshoot.

Photo: Evelyn R.H & Ida D.C
I look kind of.. dead, but I find this picture really cool. Okey, back to studying!

if god is a dj, life is a dance floor, love is the rhythm, you are the music.

Photo: Evelyn R.H & Ida D.C.
Another picture from the photoshoot a couple of weeks ago. I really like this photo.
Okey, I have my last exam tomorrow, I have to use the rest of the evening to study. Two o'clock tomorrow my family will pick me up at
school, and then we're off to our cabin. Can't wait for some relaxing days now.


you know you've got your daddy's eyes.

Photo: Evelyn R.H & Ida D.C
This photo is taken recently by some great photographers. I was very happy about the results. Do you like it? :)
I'm going to bed already, tomorrow my "new norwegian" mock exam take place, but I'm not nervous about it actually.
Good night, lovely readers.

i want.

I have a day off today, before I have my last two mock exams left, tomorrow and friday. It's great and I'm studying hard! Later today I'm going to spend some hours with my boyfriend before work. I'm looking forward to it. What are you doing today?


a little touch of kindness, for a start - a little touch of sweetness, won't tare you apart.

The title is taken from the song "A little touch of kindness" by Elliott Murphy.

Okey, two mock exams down, three to go. Tomorrow, english. It seems kind of useless, writing these mock exams, but if that's what it takes,
for me to finish school, so I can go out and travel the world, I will hang in there. I bet there will be some tasks about Obama tomorrow, for my
english mock exam, so I better study now, so I meet prepared. I like english though. I mean, else I wouldn't write in english on my blog.
I guess I prefer english.

I'm looking forward to the weekend (hehe, I know it's monday, but I can't help it). My family and I are going to are cottage and my sister, father and I will definitely go skiing.
It's going to be great, just relaxing. My brother is perhaps bringing a friend, not sure about my sister though, but if she also does, it means I will spend some time alone,
so I can promise you a lot of pictures. Ah, I love the norwegian mountains. I simply love the hiking while eating a typical norwegian hiking chocolate called Kvikk Lunsj
(Quick Lunch, bet you figured) and eating oranges. VERY norwegian, though it's mostly connected to easter, but I don't mind.
Okey, cupcakes, I'm off to study now, but before I go I have to ask what has happened here. I have more readers than ever, but the commenting has more or less disappeared. Bit lazy, ey? Hehe, well, I like to hear from you, you know:) Anyways, kisses!


7 girls, 5 days, 1 city and thousands of great moments.

Wednesday 9th of December, I'm going to Riga, Latvia for christmas shopping and spa treatment, with the greatest friends. We are seven girls spending 5 days in Riga and we're all so excited. It's going to be just lovely spend all these days just relaxing and shop around. From what I've heard it's a beautiful city with great spa hotels. Mm. Just 17 days left.

Can't wait.

a grey, rainy day.

I woke up to a grey, rainy day. That's kind of what I associate with sundays, a typical indoor day.
Mom is coming home from Ethiopia in a couple of hours, and I'm so excited to hear about her trip.
I'm also going to spend some hours preparing for my mock exam in history and philosophy, which I will be having tomorrow.
First of all I'm going to make myself some scrambled eggs and some cocoa.

new moon

Good night!

BTW. New Moon is AWESOME. You've got to see it!


success is having to worry about every damn thing, except money.

Quote by the great Johnny Cash.

Sitting at my room playing Cash songs, having the time of my life. Today I've spent the WHOLE day cleaning the house. It feels good. Soon my lovely friend, Katinka, is coming over. I'll have to go meet her at the buss stop very soon. Later tonight my boyfriend is taking me to see New Moon, and I can't wait!

Enjoy this lovely saturday evening!

feeling like a princess in moms bed.

Although mom's bed doesn't look exactly like this, it feels amazing! I have two huge, warm and cozy quilts and and four big pillows. It's a queen size bed and I lay in the middle with both my arms and legs spread to cover as much of the bed as I possibly can. I love space.
Paisley looks a bit jealous there he is laying in his small, but very nice, dog bed next to me - on the floor. Oh no, Paisley, your deer eyes won't help now - I'm gonna be as selfish as I've ever been - I'm gonna occupy this bed ALONE tonight. In my Victoria's Secret PJ, of course.

Good night, cupcakes.


a perfect evening.

After a long day with mock exam I'm relaxing with a great book. LOVE.


lack of motivation.

I have no motivation, I don't feel like and I'm definitely not inspired to clean up the house.
My room needs cleaning, the house needs cleaning. A bunch of laundry is waiting to be taken care of, my bed is partly without bedding, because of my lack of motivation to do A N Y T H I N G.
Although I spent much of my free time before work to clean up around the house. Gah.
Good night everybody.

another sleepless night.

How many times I'm I to feel this tired, before I will understand the importance of sleeping at night?


don't let me get me.

Pictures from the P!nk concert! AMAZING.
Pictures from iPhone.

i can't stay on your life support.

I feel a bit like this little guy at the moment. Sitting by the kitchen table, doing my homework while eating tomato soup with macaroni and cheese. You just got to love it. Despite great ingestion of coffee I'm still tired. No wonder I'm tired, it's dark already at 4.30 p.m (16.30) these days, and the weather is grey and dark. I just feel my whole body is tired and when I wake up at 6.30 for school it's dark too, and I haven't seen the sun in a couple of weeks. I mean, I need my vitamin D. GEES. Wish mom would let me hide in her suitcase for Ethiopia. Well, well. After I've finished my homework, I will sit down watch Top Model with Henny Sofie, my little sister, and keep on the knitting I've started. I'm knitting a sweater for my dog, Paisley. NOT for dolling him up, but because he is freezing during his daily morning walks. Norway keeps getting colder.

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