a little touch of kindness, for a start - a little touch of sweetness, won't tare you apart.

The title is taken from the song "A little touch of kindness" by Elliott Murphy.

Okey, two mock exams down, three to go. Tomorrow, english. It seems kind of useless, writing these mock exams, but if that's what it takes,
for me to finish school, so I can go out and travel the world, I will hang in there. I bet there will be some tasks about Obama tomorrow, for my
english mock exam, so I better study now, so I meet prepared. I like english though. I mean, else I wouldn't write in english on my blog.
I guess I prefer english.

I'm looking forward to the weekend (hehe, I know it's monday, but I can't help it). My family and I are going to are cottage and my sister, father and I will definitely go skiing.
It's going to be great, just relaxing. My brother is perhaps bringing a friend, not sure about my sister though, but if she also does, it means I will spend some time alone,
so I can promise you a lot of pictures. Ah, I love the norwegian mountains. I simply love the hiking while eating a typical norwegian hiking chocolate called Kvikk Lunsj
(Quick Lunch, bet you figured) and eating oranges. VERY norwegian, though it's mostly connected to easter, but I don't mind.
Okey, cupcakes, I'm off to study now, but before I go I have to ask what has happened here. I have more readers than ever, but the commenting has more or less disappeared. Bit lazy, ey? Hehe, well, I like to hear from you, you know:) Anyways, kisses!

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