i can't stay on your life support.

I feel a bit like this little guy at the moment. Sitting by the kitchen table, doing my homework while eating tomato soup with macaroni and cheese. You just got to love it. Despite great ingestion of coffee I'm still tired. No wonder I'm tired, it's dark already at 4.30 p.m (16.30) these days, and the weather is grey and dark. I just feel my whole body is tired and when I wake up at 6.30 for school it's dark too, and I haven't seen the sun in a couple of weeks. I mean, I need my vitamin D. GEES. Wish mom would let me hide in her suitcase for Ethiopia. Well, well. After I've finished my homework, I will sit down watch Top Model with Henny Sofie, my little sister, and keep on the knitting I've started. I'm knitting a sweater for my dog, Paisley. NOT for dolling him up, but because he is freezing during his daily morning walks. Norway keeps getting colder.

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