photo shoot with proficient madeleine.

Here are a couple of pictures Madeleine Pedersen Berg took of me at the fashion/beauty work shop, friday.
She is extremely proficient and a true joy to work with!

Hope you are all having a great day!


photo shoot with amazing drea.

I was suposed to tell you about my friday, but of course I managed to forget about it. Anyways, friday I helped out a bunch of great photographers at a work shop with Bjørn Opsahl and Patrik Amidani (!) How awesome isn't that?! Anyways, the photographers had cameras, sets and ideas, all they needed was models, so that's where I came in.

Here are the results I have gotten from amazing Drea. She is such a great photographer and such a lovely girl! I loved working with her!

Visit her blog and take a look at her astonishingly pretty photoes!


best of berlin vol. II.

Ingrid teaching Synnøve how to eat with chopsticks.
Girl's night at Starbucks.
The Stasi prison.
Stasi prison.
Cell nr. 222.
Oh, how we love our Converse.
Gorgeous Katharina and me.
Berlin at night.
My organized mess at my night table.

i have some huge news to share..

Sorry I'm a bit late with the news, I just wanted to be totally sure about this first, but now it's set!


I'm super excited! I can barely believe it myself. I'll be studying journalism (photo journalism) and media in NY this autumn. I'll be moving with a great friend of mine - and it is going to be TOTALLY AWESOME.

I'm looking forward to blog, photograph, study and live in the city that never sleeps.
This is huge. I can't wait - and of course I'm bringing the blog to NY - I'm taking you all with me!


backyard art and the streets of berlin.

More pictures from Berlin - as promised.
Outfit from one of the days in Berlin.

This picture is taken while biking in Berlin. Not recommended btw, taking pictures while biking in the traffic.
Not a good match, hehe.

Stay tuned, btw. I have huge news to share later today!


best of berlin.

Here are more pictures from Berlin. Today I've been busy cleaning my room and the house, therefore I haven't had any time to blog. Yesterday I was very busy. I'll tell you more about that tomorrow - AND the huge news I said I would tell you a
little while ago, will be revealed tomorrow.

My beloved Converse.

The daily Mocca Frappuccino, my best friend iPhone and my travel diary.

Synnøve fell in love with a dress at the local marked. Eurovision style.

Hanging out at the mall with my beautiful Katharina.

Katinka looking gorgeous in her new dress and her awesome jewelries.

Dunkin' Donuts and KFC in bed at the hotel room. Perfect.


Amazingly beautiful synagogue in Berlin.

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