i have some huge news to share..

Sorry I'm a bit late with the news, I just wanted to be totally sure about this first, but now it's set!


I'm super excited! I can barely believe it myself. I'll be studying journalism (photo journalism) and media in NY this autumn. I'll be moving with a great friend of mine - and it is going to be TOTALLY AWESOME.

I'm looking forward to blog, photograph, study and live in the city that never sleeps.
This is huge. I can't wait - and of course I'm bringing the blog to NY - I'm taking you all with me!

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Drea sa...

Å, så spennende! :D Heldiggrisen! Det blir sikkert heeelt knall. :) Jeg joiner! Hihi! :)

Triiiiiinu sa...

amazing, i hope it`ll be THE BEST time for you :) man, i`m jealous :D

Mina sa...

Gratulerer så mye, vennen, det fortjener du!!!!
Kommer til å bli helt fantastisk, garantert!!!!!!!! Åh, nå ble jeg virkelig glad på dine vegne!!!!!!!!! :D :D

Marire sa...

åå, masse gratulerer! :D

Regine Pandora sa...

Drea; Bare å joine! Tenk alle de kule bildene du kunne tatt der! ;) Hehe :)

Mina; Du kommer å besøker meg - vel!?<3 Kaffe en dag? MISSING YOU.

Thanks a lot to all of you<3

Bedsvaag sa...

I'm coming with you!
Kommer i alle fall på besøk. We'll rock New Yorks socks off!

Marianna Evangelista sa...

Do take us with you!
In the summer I'll be visiting the city too, so any suggestions on restaurants, stores and places to go are welcome!

Aria G sa...

I cannot wait to visit you in NYC! Love you, congratulations! xxxxxxx :)

Anonym sa...

cool! in which university/college?

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