best of berlin.

Here are more pictures from Berlin. Today I've been busy cleaning my room and the house, therefore I haven't had any time to blog. Yesterday I was very busy. I'll tell you more about that tomorrow - AND the huge news I said I would tell you a
little while ago, will be revealed tomorrow.

My beloved Converse.

The daily Mocca Frappuccino, my best friend iPhone and my travel diary.

Synnøve fell in love with a dress at the local marked. Eurovision style.

Hanging out at the mall with my beautiful Katharina.

Katinka looking gorgeous in her new dress and her awesome jewelries.

Dunkin' Donuts and KFC in bed at the hotel room. Perfect.


Amazingly beautiful synagogue in Berlin.

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Marire sa...

love your photos :D Berlin looks like lots of fun!

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