It's too cold to dress like this now, but I simply can't wait for spring.
Today has been a totally relaxed day. I've finally installed Snow Leopard on my Macbook and instead of having less than 1 GB space left I now have 370 GB.
Life is GOOD.
Have a great sunday evening, cupcakes.


today; photoshoot.

I just came home from the coldest photoshoot ever. Anyways, it was a lot of fun - and I'll show you the results when it's finished. Johannes, a friend of mine, also the photographer of the shoot, did an amazing job and I know the pictures will be astonishingly amazing.

Here are some pictures I took today "behind the scenes";

Sorry for no blogging yesterday, but I had a really busy day. It was a really great day, though! I led the gym class and thought my class some
really cool dance moves. It was a lot of fun! At 7.30 p.m I went to a reopening party for Humac at Vika in Oslo. I met a lot of amazing people
and afterwards I joined all of them out and we had a great night. Waking up this morning after a late night out wasn't easy, but definitely worth it.
At the moment I'm getting ready to go out again. I'm going to see Avatar tonight and I'm looking forward to that.
May all of you have a great evening yourself.


this would fit perfectly in my closet III.

This is what I would wear today if I could choose from anything. Converse, skinny jeans, stripes, leather and wayfarers. I'm NEED those Converse.
Stripes, white and blue - you know - navy/sailor style will be one of this summers huge trends, like it has been the last 2 or 3 summers.
But if you look in the stores for spring/summer clothing it's more sailor style then before. I think it's cool.

The sun is still shining and I'm more or less done with my dancing program, so now I have some reading to do, after taking Paisley for a walk.

my new amazing life.

Woke up at 08.15, jumped in my jogging suit and and went jogging. While jogging I listened to some great music and saw the sun arise. Perfect.

Now I'm sitting in the sofa, eating a lovely breakfast while cuddling with Paisley.
Very soon I'm gonna make the last finish on my plan for the gym class tomorrow. I'm going to teach my fellow students some awesome dance moves - and we are going to learn some cool dances. This is going to fun!

The sunrise when I went jogging.

My lovely breakfast.

My adorable, Paisley.

View from my sofa :)

Okey! Time to start the day for real. I have a bunch of stuff to do.
Have a smashing day, muffins!
Will be blogging later.


this would fit perfectly in my closet II.

If I would mind wearing this today? NOT AT ALL.
I want.
Leather jacket along with a colorful hood, skinny jeans, sky-high heels, huge sunglasses and a hot studded purse is a secure winner.
I'm a sucker for fashion - and I love it.


this would fit perfectly in my closet.

I'm a sucker for leather jackets and I have a HUGE craving for this one. And those shoes.. Geez.

new stockings.

Love 'em.

This is going to be a good week. Both today and tomorrow I'll be working, thursday I have the day off school and work, friday I will be
leading the gym class - I'm gonna teach my fellow students to shake some ass, hehe. Friday night I'll be going out, saturday morning I'm having a photo shoot
with some others and at night I'll be seeing Avatar.

Now I'm gonna work out a bit before before making some dinner, then going to work at 5.
Have a lovely day, cupcakes.


spring news.

How 'bout this, cupcakes:
In stores NOW. Nothing is like spring clothing ingesting the stores! Soon spring, sun and smiles.

new week.

08.15 a.m, Norwegian class.
Monday again - new week. I'm tired, but I had a great weekend with loads of fun - so I'll just have to hang in.
Have great day, cupcakes.
PS. I need to know something, how many American readers do I have? I might have a surprise for you. So please just leave a comment :)



I wanna go ice skating. I wanna go out, have some fun. But what do I do? I vacuum. Entertain me. Anyone. Hehe, Sundays.
Have a great one, cupcakes.


with great inspiration comes great ideas.

Here are the pictures from the attic at my school I promised you. I didn't know about this place until yesterday and I totally fell in love with it. I was so inspired by this place and I see a huge potential here. This could be the coolest apartment, don't you think?

I loved being up there. This is the costume storage for my schools theatre group, most known as "Kattateateret",
The Cat Theatre, if you like, from the the schools name Cathedral School of Oslo.
Anyways, I got carried away up there. I would love to live there. Don't you see the "shabby chic" New York style apartment potential in it?
Laces in contrast to the masonry? AH. Lovelovelove.


i found my new apartment.

I'm SO inspired. I just found my future apartment. It's my schools theatre attic. Will post pictures of it when I come home. AND it's sun today - I love life!


pilgrim favorites.

Many of you seems to like and comment my golden watch. It is my favorite jewelry and I got it from my boyfriend at our 6 months anniversary. It is from Pilgrim - a danish brand. Pilgrim is one of my all time favorite jewelry brands. I have loads of jewelries from Pilgrim and I love them all.

This is my amazing watch:

Some other Pilgrim favorites:
A charm bracelet, also from my boyfriend.

Another Pilgrim bracelet.

A beautiful locket.

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