with great inspiration comes great ideas.

Here are the pictures from the attic at my school I promised you. I didn't know about this place until yesterday and I totally fell in love with it. I was so inspired by this place and I see a huge potential here. This could be the coolest apartment, don't you think?

I loved being up there. This is the costume storage for my schools theatre group, most known as "Kattateateret",
The Cat Theatre, if you like, from the the schools name Cathedral School of Oslo.
Anyways, I got carried away up there. I would love to live there. Don't you see the "shabby chic" New York style apartment potential in it?
Laces in contrast to the masonry? AH. Lovelovelove.

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Marianna Evangelista sa...

What a beautiful space!
It does have a New York style apartment potential! :D

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