my wonderland.

Today, my lovely parents had bought me a new mattress, in which is AMAZINGLY good. I spent the evening fixin' up my bed room. I teared down some old pictures taped on the wall. My wall is totally blank and boring now, so I will have to hang some new pictures up later. I just needs some frames first. My bedroom happens to be my favorite room in the house. I've spent a lot of time making my room looking exactly how I want it too. Here's a peek on my holy bedroom. Better pictures will be posted soon.

Some of my jewelries.

At my sill.

Yes, my amazing bed coveres my whole room. It's 1,80 m, and my room is more or less precisely 2m.

Okey, I'll call it a night. I'm in desperate need of sleep.
Have a lovely night, cupcakes!

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