me through 2009.

Some highlights from 2009.
Fun in the snow. (Photo: Little brother, Wendell Gee)
Went to Málaga with my class. (Photo: Synnøve)
Photo: Jonas Bråthen.
May 1st, LOVE this day. Always summer in Norway by this time. (Photo: Little sister, Henny Sofie)
Spring is arriving and the trampoline season is back. (Photo: Henny Sofie)
Summer is here. (Photo: Markus)
Went to the Greek island Kos.
Trip to my friends cabin with the greatest friends! (Photo: Armin)
Had some nice times walking the streets of Oslo in the summer months. (Photo: Markus)
Walked some nice trips with my boyfriend and my family. (Photo: Mom, Torunn)
Did some modeling!
Went to Riga with my amazing girls! (Photo: Ingrid)
Just random uploads from the past year. This post is followed by a post of the pictures I have been taking this past year. Hope you like it.

1 kommentar:

Mina sa...

I actually do like it, a lot!
Godt nytt år, forresten. Ønsker deg alt godt!<3

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