perfect mornin'.

I woke up at 8 as the sun lit up my room. I love waking up and seeing the sun shine. Especially after weeks without a
glimpse of our beloved sun. Before breakfast I went out for a quick power walk with motivating music in my ear and I
couldn't help to smile. I smiled to the birds singing so beautiful in the trees. I smiled to the snow sparkling in the sun. I smiled as my heart beat to the rhythm of the music, as I walked the streets of my neighborhood, the streets I grew up.
I smiled to this perfect moment. This perfect moment, in the early morning dew.

Wish you all a great day.


black eye.

He had a black eye
He was proud of
Like some of his friends
It made him feel somewhere outside
Of everything and everywhere he'd been.
(Black Eye - Uncle Tupelo)

Wish all of you a great day!
Enjoy your saturday, cupcakes.

while waiting for summer.

Just came home from my friends birthday wearing just shorts and a shirt - which was damn cold.
The short walk from the bus and home was terribly cold. I miss summer.
I'm just done with my work out and I'm getting ready for bed. I'm waking up at 08.00
tomorrow to shovel the front porch, like I promised my dad I would. I'm such a good daughter, hehe.
Okey, I'm saying good night with this lovely quote;

A daughter may outgrow your lap, but she will never outgrow your heart. -Author Unknown


last sunday.

Here are the pictures I promised, from sunday.

I spent the evening at my boyfriend's house. Norway is freezing cold at the moment.
Cozy evening, in my cozy Victoria's Secret jogging suit.
Sunday morning.
Spent sunday morning at a job course. Learning loads of interesting stuff!

Spent the evening eating dinner with my amazing friends.
A great sunday.


you got mail.

Another picture from our London trip last weekend. London is such an amazing city.
By the way - I have huge news to share with you, and I will, very soon! I'm super excited, there is just a couple of things
I need to fix before I share this.

Today I can barely glimpse the sun and hopefully it will stay like this for a while . At the moment I'm lying at the couch, reading and my
lovely Paisley is laying in my lap sleeping. I'm going to take him for a walk very soon. Ah, I love winter holiday.

Have a great day, cupcakes!


face drop.

Photo by my boyfriend, Markus.
Lill siss just made some lovely breakfast together while dancing and singing to Face Drop.
Hope you all had a great sunday yesterday! I had a great evening eating dinner with some great friends. Pictures will be posted later today.
Wish you all a great evening, cupcakes.


i'm standig tall.

Photos by Markus Orlien
I miss London. It has been snowing constantly for soon a week now and I haven't seen so much snow for as long as I can remember.
Maybe I should find my skis? I'll probably freeze my nose off, but what a norwegian thing to do. I'm gonna go find my skis.



Look what I got from my lovely boyfriend at the huge Disney store in London! He knows i LOVE Toy Story and I'm totally excited about the upcoming Toy Story 3.

I'm such a kid. I'm a sucker for Disney - and I love it!
My lill siss and I will soon shovel our way through the snow down to the mall to buy the Fame DVD and facial masks, so we can have some
sister time tonight. We need such cozy nights when it's snowing more than ever. On the front porch it's over a meter snow.
Have a great friday, cupcakes!


baker street.

Another picture from London last week.
Photo by my boyrfriend, Markus.


"fashions fade, style is eternal" - yves saint laurent.

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.
- Coco Chanel

Photoes taken by my boyfriend in London last week.


if they all go east, then we'll go west.

Photographer: Markus Langseth Orlien
More pictures from St. Pauls in London this weekend.

Now I'm at work - stop by and say hello - Humac at Oslo City. It's me playing the loud music ;)


streets of london.

Photographer: Markus, my boyfriend.

Here are a couple of pictures taken by Markus outside St. Pauls Cathedral in London.
Had so much fun during this shoot, people stopped and stared, but it was just funny. Anyways, more pictures will be uploaded
tomorrow. Sorry for the bad quality, the pictures are downloaded from facebook. Facebook kills good pictures. Sucks.
Okey, I'm off to bed - I have a test tomorrow in norwegian dialects, followed by a photoshoot and work, so I need some sleep! :)
Nighty night, cupcakes.

And if it gets to crowded then may I suggest, if they all go east, then we'll go west.

i'm home.

I'm home again after a great weekend in London with my boyfriend. It was amazing.

Shopping, Starbucks, KFC, Topshop, Oxford Street, Madame Tussaud, London Underground, late nights, early mornings, great fun, spring, lovely people and LOADS of pictures - are just keywords to explain how amazing this weekend was.

Pictures and a more detailed post about the weekend will come later today.
Now: back to reality and back to school.


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