if they all go east, then we'll go west.

Photographer: Markus Langseth Orlien
More pictures from St. Pauls in London this weekend.

Now I'm at work - stop by and say hello - Humac at Oslo City. It's me playing the loud music ;)

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LegalEagle sa...

I thought I would say hello! I'm British, and so proud that you love London as much as I do!

Hope you made a trip to the MASSIVE Topshop in Oxford Circus - I could live there!

Oh, and loving the scarf - is it Zara? If so, I have it to :)


Regine Pandora sa...

Hi, London was amazing! I had a great stay and all the british people are amazingly kind and sweet.

Oh, of course we went to Topshop and walked Oxford Street up and down many times! Loved it!

My scarf is from H&M, but looks very much like the one from Zara :)

Have a great day,

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