From this lovely, rainy last monday of August. Nighty night.


so alive.

ph. by HennySofie.

So Alive - Ryan Adams.

Windy day. Clearly the fall is knocking on our doors. What do you do when the nights are getting darker?
When the days are getting colder, grayer? When the trees changes colors, before they let there leaves fall to ground. 
When the air feels sharp and the rain makes the days smell like fall? I light candles, make myself cups of tea
 and play Ryan Adams all day long, which makes it okey. It's okey, the fall may come now.

Good night.


leather pants.

ph. by Henny Sofie.

I love my new leather pants. And knitted sweaters of course. Even though I love summer, there is something about
the feeling of seeing the stores fill up with clothes for the fall season. I LOVE fall collections. The earth toned colors,
huge scarfs, leather jackets and pants, knitted garments and wedges always work out in the fall season. Still, there are
 some days left of summer - let's just enjoy those warm, suunny days first. Nighty night.


sporty morning.

When I went out jogging this morning, the morning fog were still laying heavily, and even though there was no
sign of the sun, it wasn't cold outside. After jogging a little while into the forrest I looked out over the fields, and 
the mist was clearing and the sun started to peep through. It was amazingly beautiful, jogging along the fields with
 my iPhone supplying me randomly selected music by The Killers. When I came home I made breakfast and had 
myself a huge cup of tea and enjoyed it in the sofa corner with a good book and Paisley on my lap. Perfect.


Paisley after having a bath.


1st day of school outfit.

ph. by me.

I took my little sister out for shopping here the other day, and we picked out a lovely 1st day of school outfit.
She starts 8th grade this monday! Wow, they're growing up so fast.


i'm a student.

ph. by lill siss, Henny Sofie.

And just like that I went from being store manager to become a student. At first I thought I would hate it, I've never
been one of those dreaming of studying. I've always loved working - and I love my job, so I wasn't that excited.

Monday August 15th, I started at the University of Oslo. I'm studying informatics and so far I'm loving it. I have a great
class, a lot of interesting and competent students. My helpmates, most known as faddere in norwegian, are very helpful,
they are very excited and I'm so grateful for their patients! When it comes to the University, I love it, the school is
HUGE, and it's such a lovely place to be. As for know I have a really good feeling about this, but if I know myself, 
I will have days where I question myself what the hell I was thinking, choosing informatics. Programming is hard, 
and I will have to glue my Macbooks to my desk, so I won't fall for the tempting of throwing them out of the window.
(Actually that won't be a problem. It's Apple products. I would NEVER EVER throw an Apple product out of the window.
It's actually more likely I will jump out the window myself, so I'm not too worried. Yet, that is.)

Anyways. It's friday - and like Rebecca Black, I'm gonna have a ball today.
Have a GREAT evening, and remember there's a limit to everything ;)



Wow. So much has been happening in my life lately. Haven't really felt like blogging. I've felt like being
with my loved ones, hanging out in Oslo, walking around, photographing and singing. Singing a lot. Great
therapy. 22nd of July marked me and left me with so much feelings and thoughts and I've really needed time 
for myself. And with my friends of course. Oslo is changed. The people have changed. There is a love in Oslo 
I struggle to explain. You need to feel and experience it for yourself.

I've had my last day as store manager today, and it feels a bit sad because with time I really learned to love it. 
There is such an amazing feeling to feel like you master something. To know you are really good at something. 
At the same time it feels good to know I'm closing one chapter of my life to start a new one. An unwritten one. 
Tomorrow I'm starting to study at the University of Oslo and I'm both nervous and excited at the same time. 

Anyways. We've had some lovely summer evenings in July and August - and most of them has been spent out
with the girls, and we've had such a great time.

Synnøve, me, Marit, Natalie and Hedda.

Linni and me.

Katinka and I have been hanging out at cafés and in parks,

been out having drinks, while singing along to 90's hits;

Beautiful Katinka!

and I love Katinka a lot, but at the moment this picture was taken I was screaming; "KATINKA, GO AWAY!" haha
(taken @ Hove in June)

Katinka and I also went to Oslo Fashion Week and sat all in front at the showing of Armando Santos
and Fam Irvoll among others!
(Runway photo by me)

Lill siss laid down a rose at the church stairs in the memory of the ones we lost July 22nd.
(photo by me)

Apple surprised me at work one day;

I've had dinner and sleep over with the girls;

Where someone fell asleep a little faster than the others...
(In my defense - it is really hard to be a store manager!)

And the girls have been hitting the town!

Here with Linni and Katinka at an Oslo Fashion Week after party)

Synnøve, Linni, Katharina, me and Katinka!
(Photo by Caroline)

I love you, girls!

All these lovely pictures are Katinka's, except from a few - but there are more pictures to come
from these different happenings. I just haven't found the time to go through them yet!


my town, my oslo.

My Oslo. The last week has showed the world nothing can tear us apart.
We are stronger than ever.

Byduer i dur - Karpe Diem.

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