i'm a student.

ph. by lill siss, Henny Sofie.

And just like that I went from being store manager to become a student. At first I thought I would hate it, I've never
been one of those dreaming of studying. I've always loved working - and I love my job, so I wasn't that excited.

Monday August 15th, I started at the University of Oslo. I'm studying informatics and so far I'm loving it. I have a great
class, a lot of interesting and competent students. My helpmates, most known as faddere in norwegian, are very helpful,
they are very excited and I'm so grateful for their patients! When it comes to the University, I love it, the school is
HUGE, and it's such a lovely place to be. As for know I have a really good feeling about this, but if I know myself, 
I will have days where I question myself what the hell I was thinking, choosing informatics. Programming is hard, 
and I will have to glue my Macbooks to my desk, so I won't fall for the tempting of throwing them out of the window.
(Actually that won't be a problem. It's Apple products. I would NEVER EVER throw an Apple product out of the window.
It's actually more likely I will jump out the window myself, so I'm not too worried. Yet, that is.)

Anyways. It's friday - and like Rebecca Black, I'm gonna have a ball today.
Have a GREAT evening, and remember there's a limit to everything ;)

3 kommentarer:

Luisa sa...

Så dine bilder av deg :) Bra at du trives så langt, studentlivet er kjempegøy!

Aria G sa...

HAHA Regine! That was hilarious. I'm proud of you, always. Good luck with everything! xx

Regine Pandora sa...

Luisa; Tusen takk! Ja, det tror jeg på^^

Aria; Thank you, dear! I miss you so much!<3

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