sporty morning.

When I went out jogging this morning, the morning fog were still laying heavily, and even though there was no
sign of the sun, it wasn't cold outside. After jogging a little while into the forrest I looked out over the fields, and 
the mist was clearing and the sun started to peep through. It was amazingly beautiful, jogging along the fields with
 my iPhone supplying me randomly selected music by The Killers. When I came home I made breakfast and had 
myself a huge cup of tea and enjoyed it in the sofa corner with a good book and Paisley on my lap. Perfect.


Paisley after having a bath.

3 kommentarer:

Luisa sa...

Gleder meg så masse til jeg drar på meg treningstøy og stikker ut og nyter den friske lufta :)

Maria sa...

Så herlig! Jeg blir motivert til å trene selv :)

Regine Pandora sa...

Luisa; Det høres herlig ut^^

Maria; Det er godt å motivere andre, og jeg kan love at du kommer til å føle deg så herlig etterpå ^^

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