so alive.

ph. by HennySofie.

So Alive - Ryan Adams.

Windy day. Clearly the fall is knocking on our doors. What do you do when the nights are getting darker?
When the days are getting colder, grayer? When the trees changes colors, before they let there leaves fall to ground. 
When the air feels sharp and the rain makes the days smell like fall? I light candles, make myself cups of tea
 and play Ryan Adams all day long, which makes it okey. It's okey, the fall may come now.

Good night.

2 kommentarer:

Luisa sa...

Så fin du er! Er kjolen fra H&M? I så fall har jeg den i sort og i en tidligere utgave i beig :)

Regine Pandora sa...

Tusen takk^^ Kjolen er fra H&M, ja! Elsker den!

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