my eurovision outfit.

After a long day at work I was excited to babysit my little sister and cousin, dress up and watch Eurovision song contest! I felt like sharing my outfit here, it's such a tacky outfit, but I love it. Until today, I've never found any occasion to wear it, but now I have my very own ESC outfit.
There's nothing more hilarious than posing to oneself in a mirror.

Sweet dreams!


finally friday.

It's finally friday. Feels great. The week went by very quick, but still very slow. Tomorrow I'm working, and it's the Eurovision Song Contest final. Go Armenia, Cyprus - and of course Norway!
Sunday will be spent wisely reading, relaxing and preparing my boyfriends birthday gift. He turns 19 this sunday! I finally decided what to give him, but it might take some time to fix, so he'll get it next week some time. I know he reads my blog ever once in a while, so I can't share the gift with you yet.

Anyways, yet another outfit from this week.
Paisley wasn't too happy posing. He'd rather run around in the yard, playing with a football. I'm not much of a football player, but posing I know.


outfit and sex and the city.

Here's my outfit from a couple of days ago.

Right now I'm baking brownies. It's smells delicious and I can't wait to sit down in the sofa, reading a good book, while eating brownies. And ice cream. Mm.
I just have to share my excitement about the new Sex and the City movie! I got tickets for the premiere in Oslo - and I'm going with 5 of my amazing friends. I also have to tell you what an amazing boy friend I have. He wanted to surprise me - and got tickets for the premiere as well! I was thrilled, but I had already promised the girls. Anyways, we are going to see Toy Story 3 together, i LOVE Toy Story, so it kind of makes up for it.
I can't wait to dress up, eat dinner and see Sex and the City with the girls! Hopefully we'll hit the town afterwards. Maybe for some drinks or simply just to rock the dance floor.


still be around.

I'm back. I'm in the middle of my exams, that's why I haven't been blogging in a while.

I've decided to start posting some outfits again. I've got many requests on this, and thought I should give it a shot. Here's an outfit from last week.

I have to get back to my books and keep preparing myself for my exams. Have a great day, lovely readers.

Today's inspiration:
When the bible is a bottle,
and the hardwood floor is home,
when morning comes twice a day or not at all.
If I break in two will you put me back together?
When this puzzle's figured out will you still be around,
to say you've just been there,
walking the line upside down?

- Still Be Around - Uncle Tupelo.


summer in norway.

Summer has arrived Oslo. It has been so cold for so long, and all of a sudden the summer showed up! Both today and yesterday has been amazingly warm! Yesterday before work my boyfriend and I went to eat some ice cream in the city, enjoying the sun.

Photos by Markus.
Here's my new amazing wedges, I love them. They look like the ones by Alexander Wang. Anyways, I love them.

Hope you are all doing well! I have my first exam on friday and first thing after my exam I'm leaving with six of worlds most amazing friends to a cabin for the weekend. It's going to be so much fun. I'll keep you posted


everybody needs inspiration.

Sorry my absence the last days. It's just that being russ is heavy stuff! There's something happening ALL the time. And I have serious lack of sleep. Anyways, since I've been absent for a while, here's an update on what I've actually spent my time doing:

Road trip:
With Synnøve
and Katinka and Katharina:
Beautiful Katinka.
Gorgeous Synnøve.
The designated driver.
Synnøve and Katinka making fun of bloggers.

Sex and the City and frappuccino night at Synnøves place:

Breakfast at school:
Café and dinner with the girls.

I've had a great couple of days. I'm going to bed now, have to charge my batteries for May 17th.
Good night, lovely readers!


if you change your mind, i'm the first in line.

Photo of me by my boyfriend, Markus.

What a busy, tiring day. I'm exhausted after work, but smiling. This kind of hasn't been my day. Got stuck on the tube in a tunnel for almost 20 minutes, my bus was late for school today, had stomach ache, still I've had some really good moments as well. Mom and I did the dishes together today while singing ABBA songs, having a lot of fun. Mom is the best. Sometimes she makes me so embarrassed, I can't help to laugh! Work was great today. My lovely colleague, Veronica and I washed the store and the office today. It was shining when I left work at 9 o'clock. Came home, jumped in my PJ and watched a really god Desperate Housewives episode with my family. Now I'm so tired I can barely see what I'm writing.

I want to wish all of my sweet readers a good night and sweet dreams.

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