May Day.

Today it is the International Worker's Day. Congratulations, workers!
I haven't been feeling well the last days, so I went to see a doctor yesterday, who told me I had caught a virus. No biggy, still amazingly boring. This is the reason for lack of blog posts the last couple of days, which I'm very sorry about.

The sun just popped up, love it. It has been raining all morning.
Both Paisley and I are lying on the couch, feeling sorry for ourselves. I just gave Paisley a shower and put him to sleep in a wool blanket, hopefully he'll fall asleep soon.

Just about an hour ago my boyfriend stopped by my house unexpectedly with chocolate and candy to me. He is truly sweet. Thank you so much, honey!

Wish you all an amazing day.

4 kommentarer:

OooKellyNicky sa...

Sorry to hear about your virus. You take amazing photographs though, what a cute puppy.

my blog: ♥La Stylin Girraffe♥

Eline Sundby sa...

Hei, hvilken rase er den nydelige valpen din ? Helt skjønn !

Regine Pandora sa...

It is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He's color is called Ruby, in other words brown all over. My previous dog, was also a Cavalier, but he was had the color combination Black & Tan, which made her mostly black with brown parts. Cavalier has four color combinations. Ruby, Black & Tan, Tricolor (white, black and brown and Blendheim (white with brown parts). They are extremely popular now-a-days and they have become quite expensive, but they are amazing dogs.

Mina sa...

Fine bilder, Regine!

Jeg bare må spørre; er det en rosa saltkrystall fra Polen jeg ser?


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