a sunday morning.

From sunday a couple of weeks ago at my lovely Betina's house. A sunday, a great friends, Sex and the City and cupcakes. Ah, what a lovely sunday. I love such mornings.

Over to another thing, the weather! The weather has been amazing the last days - real spring weather. But guess what. Today it has been snowing! A LOT. I drove home from school and it was a total mess. What IS this? It is May 4th and supposed to be spring - it looks like it is March. Even though it's quiet cozy, sitting in the sofa, underneath a warm blanket, along with my brother, sister and Paisley watching The Simpsons - I would prefer some sun.

Soon getting ready for work. Have a great day, cupcakes.

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Anonym sa...

Ser helt herlig ut :)

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