if you change your mind, i'm the first in line.

Photo of me by my boyfriend, Markus.

What a busy, tiring day. I'm exhausted after work, but smiling. This kind of hasn't been my day. Got stuck on the tube in a tunnel for almost 20 minutes, my bus was late for school today, had stomach ache, still I've had some really good moments as well. Mom and I did the dishes together today while singing ABBA songs, having a lot of fun. Mom is the best. Sometimes she makes me so embarrassed, I can't help to laugh! Work was great today. My lovely colleague, Veronica and I washed the store and the office today. It was shining when I left work at 9 o'clock. Came home, jumped in my PJ and watched a really god Desperate Housewives episode with my family. Now I'm so tired I can barely see what I'm writing.

I want to wish all of my sweet readers a good night and sweet dreams.

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