hello hollywood.

Here's some pictures from Hollywood the other day.

The great Johnny Cash.
With my brother, Wendell Gee and my sister, Henny Sofie.

such great heights.

Right now I'm enjoying the view from 51st floor at Trump Hotel in Las Vegas, after 3 amazing days in Hollywood, Santa Monica and Los Angeles. I will keep you posted. This is my blogpost from the plane sunday morning, I haven't been able to post it before now, so here it comes. 

At this very moment I find myself 36 000 feet (10972 m) over Regina, Canada. We've been flying for soon 9 hours and the worst turbulence is past us. The ground speed is 515 mph (822 km/h), yet it is a couple of hours and 1293 miles (2081 km) left to our destination goal, Los Angeles.
I can clearly see the land underneath me. Some small, puffy, perl white skies leaves shadow prints at the huge land arias 36 000 feet underneath us. I don't have the number of passengers, but the lovely stewardess nicely informed me that the flight is fully booked. There is not one seat available. The British AirWays crew have been very easy to reach at all time and smiles politely every time they pass. They seem to really enjoy their job. How amazing isn't it to have your office thousands of feet in the air - in this fascinating, huge aircraft. This Boeing 747-400 has led us through a whole lot of turbulence today, stating how robust it really is.

All seats are provided with a blanket, a pillow, a headset and a number of other useful things. Each passenger posses it's own interactive mini-TV which is making the 11-hour flight go by a lot faster. I have amused myself with all kinds of TV-shows, from The Simpsons and Big Bang Theory, to movies such as Toy Story and Avatar and audio-shows about The Lyrics of Bob Dylan and Marian Keyes' The Other Side of the Story. I've also enjoyed following the flight on a moving map and reading about American immigration history.

Of course my faithful Macbook is traveling along with me, as well as Gossip Girl - and together they've kept me more awake, than asleep since we left London and Heathrow at 12.30 p.m this morning. Norwegian time it is already 9.50 p.m, this is actually the only thing telling me we've been awake and traveling for a long time. Our journey started when we left our house about 15 minutes past five this morning. Our flight from OSL, Gardermoen (Norway) left at 07.50 a.m and after two hours we landed safely at Heathrow, London - where I enjoyed a lovely breakfast and the best frappeccino in the world at Starbucks this morning.

I mentioned that taking a look at the clock is the only thing telling me we've been traveling for a long time. It's weird. Feels like we left home yesterday. A feeling hard to explain. Feels like I've lost track of the time. It's like traveling back in time. Left Heathrow at 12.30 p.m - arriving in L.A at 2.17 p.m, when it is an 11 hour flight. I can't help being fascinated.

My brother just woke up next to me, meaning I will definitely not getting any sleep for the remaining two hours. My little sister is designing clothes two seats to my left and and my brother is sitting next to me. Both my mom and I have possessed the window seats. Dad is a mid-seat guy - or wherever it's available. Maybe he's just making sure we're comfortable.

I can't think of anything better than looking out of the windows. Lucky as I am, we are sitting at row 45 and 46 - way behind the wings, meaning I have the best view. Couldn't ask for anything better.

After almost six hours in my seat - it's about time to start my blood circulation again. And after five glasses of water and juice the past six hours, it's time to visit the lady's room.

Photo by me.
Photo by me.
Photo by me.



leaving for L.A.

“The use of traveling is to regulate imagination by reality, and instead of thinking how things may be, to see them as they are.” –Samuel Johnson

It is 05.45 and I'm sitting at Gardermoen airport, Norway. One of the greatest feelings in the world. I LOVE airports. All the excitements, expectations, the joy and all the different people gathered at one place - to leave for another place.

Our first plane leaves at 07.50 for Heathrow, London, and from there we'll move on to another plane, that will take us to Los Angeles.
I'm so excited. Can't believe this is finally happening. Can't believe all my exams are over, schools out and I'm going to the amazing America. A continent I've seen so little of, yet I've came to love it so much.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine


see you later.

Yesterday I went to the last party with my fellow amazing students. It was so much fun, a bit crying, but mostly laughing. I can't describe how much I love this wonderful mixture of different people. It's weird to think back at the beautiful summer day in August 2007, when I nervous and excited walked up to Cathedral School of Oslo. The place which was going to be my second home for the next three years. Little did I know, that this was going to be the best three years of my life. I want to thank each and one of you - for being so wonderful, supportive and for making our school the best, with the best student environment I could ever imagine!

Thanks for being the best.

“Take the attitude of a student, never be too big to ask questions, never know too much to learn something new."

- Og Mandino.

This isn't a goodbye, it's a see you later.


2 days left.

Wow. Only 2 days left! In 2 days I will be breathing the American air, walking the streets of California and    enjoying American culture and food. I can't wait!

Here's an outfit from earlier this week;
Photos by lill siss, HennySofie.


can't recall being this nervous, ever.

Now I know what being nervous means.
I have my final exam tomorrow, oral english and the topic is The Rise and Fall of New Labour.
Please wish me luck tomorrow.

And good luck to all of my fellow students having their final exams tomorrow. We can do it!


celebrating: me.

Here's some pictures from my birthday celebration with my amazing friends. Thanks everyone - I had a blast!
Laughing out loud.
Katinka's amazing birthday cupcakes!
Pictures by; Katinka, Katharina and me.


birthday girl.

June 8th I turned 19 and I had a lovely day with the greatest birthday surprise at school. My dearest Katinka gave me a birthday present like no other! And the loveliest Marit and Synnøve had made a huge banner saying "Regine 19 år" (Regine 19 years), I got balloons and my whole class sang to me. What a perfect birthday, thank you to all of you who made my day this great. I'm forever grateful!

Here's my birthday outfit. Photos by lill siss, Henny Sofie.


9 days left.

In exactly 9 days I'll be leaving rainy Norway with my family to see California!
We'll be spending some time in L.A and Hollywood, Las Vegas, San Francisco and maybe even Grand Canyon! We will also take one of Royal Caribbean Cruise Line's ships to and see west side of Mexico. We've been to the east side of Mexico several times - and loved it, so we're excited to see more.
We'll be gone for  three weeks and I will bring my mac, so I'm taking you all with me to CA.


hey, soul sisters.

Here are some pictures from the pink carpet, June 4th, at the Sex and the City 2 premier.

Along with my amazingly gorgeous friends we had the time of our lives this evening. Despite all the bad critics we loved the movie and had so much fun - as you might see on the last picture. What a goofy bunch of friends! Ah, I love them.

After I finished my exam work for today, it's been me and Gossip Girl all evening. Can't believe I'll be walking the streets of NY this autumn. I can't wait!


please forgive me.

I'm so sorry for my absence. About two weeks ago the power adapter for my beloved Mac died. It's been hard to blog without the Mac, but I got a new power adapter today - and I'm back.

A bunch of things has happened while I've been absent. I went to the Sex and the City 2 premier, I've turned 19 (!) and I got to know my oral exam subject today. I'm actually very happy about my subject, which is english and my topic is The Rise and Fall of New Labour. It's going to be interesting!

Okey, I have to get back to my exam preparations - wish you all an amazing day!

I'll keep you posted - and update you on the happenings of last week later today.



mum, the ice cream truck!

What an amazing day! I've been wearing shorts, eating ice cream with blue berries and window shopping with my lovely Katharina today. My school day only lasted for a bit more than an hour and I've enjoyed a great day in the sun, before I went to work.

I'm hoping for such a day tomorrow as well. I'm tired, but there is no way I'm going to bed before I've watched an episode of Gossip Girl!
Sleep tight - and don't let the bedbugs bite!

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