Saturday, September 17th I went to the "Idéfestival" (Idea Festival) at the University of Oslo. I was super excited and 
had so much to see. All the amazing technology to play with. As a self declared nerd and as an informatics student 
I was at the right place! I brought my little sister and we met up with my help mate, Daniel and another friend, Safa. 
We had a lot of fun playing around, but what fascinated me the most was the visit from the geminoid, "Henrik".
A geminoid is a robot with a human appearance. There are three geminoids in the world today, and "Henrik" is 
the only one outside of Japan, he is also the only one with caucasian face. I was super fascinated and I was so lucky 
I got to know the geminoid's model and "master", Asc. professor Henrik Scharfe and a student from the University of 
 Aalborg in Denmark, Jens. They were both amazingly kind and very patient teaching me how the geminoid works. 
I asked all  kinds of questions and they kindly answered me and showed me all kinds of things "Henrik" could do. 
I am beyond fascinated and I am still excited from this amazing experience. I am so happy for studying informatics and 
I now know for sure, this is what I want to do. Meeting the geminoid "Henrik", professor Henrik Scharfe and Jens 
really inspired me and I would like to thank them both for first of all taking the trip to the University of Oslo, and
for taking the time and being so kind, teaching me so much. Thank you!

Here's some photos from this great day.

I love this one.

Safa and I.

Lill siss.

Safa, the Facebook nerd!

Daniel and I were more excited about these cute little robot, than the kids were. Haha!

Aren't they adorable?

Isn't this simply the most amazing thing you've ever seen? Henrik Scharfe and the geminoid "Henrik".

Me and my new best friend. I really waved good bye to him when we left. He is that human.
Jens asked me at one point if I would slap him if I was allowed. And after thinking about for a second,
of course I wouldn't. Maybe it only says something about my respect for technology, but I really believe
most people wouldn't. He looks human, he acts like a human and I would not manage to slap him. He is 
even a "he" to me. Not "it". This is such an interesting topic. I am going to read more about the technology 
behind it, and keep being fascinated.



more than just a beautiful face.

ph. by me.

"Beauty is not in the face
beauty is a light in the heart."
- Kahlil Gibran

quality time.

I love spending time with my little sister. Here are some fun pictures from a lovely day we spent in Oslo in August. 
We went shopping, walking around, had too much Ben & Jerry's ice cream and took a lot of pictures.

"The more you are willing to accept 
responsibility for your actions, 
the more credibility you will have."
- Brian Koslow



ph. by Henny Sofie.

"Managing is like holding a dove in your hand. 
Squeeze too hard and you kill it, 
not hard enough and it flies away."
- Tommy Lasorda


out of focus.

Photos taken at Lillehammer a year ago. What a lovely fall we had last year, the sun shined and the weather was
warm even in the middle of October. Even though I miss these days in September a year ago; living by myself,
being independent in a whole new way, I am really happy about my present situation. I love studying, and I enjoy
spending time with so many new, great people, despite me longing for my best friends who is now spread around the world.
I am feeling so lucky getting to know so many lovely, talented people. We are already getting very well along, which
I'm very happy about. Now I have to go to bed, I'll probably dream about Java, which is my new best friend these days.

"Happiness is when what you think,
 what you sayand what you do are in harmony."
- Mahatma Gandhi

Nighty night.


what the world lost 8 years ago.

The Wanderer - Johnny Cash.

My greatest hero, Johnny Cash died exactly 8 years ago today. He died 71 years old at this exact day in 2003.
Johnny Cash' music has played a great role in my life, I grew up with his music, and he is mainly the reason I
got a black acoustic guitar for christmas some years ago from my parents, and learned to play it. Johnny has inspired
me in so many way and words cannot describe my love for his music. I remember the day my dad told me he died.
I was 12, but he will continue to live through his music, his amazing, deep voice and his lovely guitar play.

I will spend this rainy evening inside with my little brother and sister listening to Cash, eating pizza and ice cream,
while excitingly watching the election broadcast on TV. We will be crossing our fingers here at home!

To all norwegians: if you haven't voted yet, the polling place are still open. Happy voting!

To everyone else; wish you a lovely evening.


9/11 2011.

I can't believe 10 years has passed. It is today, ten years since the tragic attack on World Trade Center and Pentagon.
Four highjacked planes, two falling towers, the headquarter of the United Stated Department of defense was struck, 2983 dead.

I remember September 11 2001. I was ten years old and I headed out to a friend of mine to ask if he would like
to come outside and hang out. I remember him looking at me asking why I wasn't at home watching the news.
"Why should I?" I asked. "The World Trade Center is hit by planes and stuff!" he replied and he went back in.
I didn't know what the World Trade Center was, but I realized this was serious and I ran back home as fast as I could.
I remember turning on the TV in my room watching the news. I was shocked. This wasn't an action movie.
This was real.

From my room next to the entrance I could see mom dressing up. She was heading out for a meeting and she peeked
in to say bye before she was about leave. "Mom, World Trade Center is falling down. There has been planes hitting them."
I remember mom came into my room. She took off her coat and shoes and together we sat on my bedroom floor,
watching the news together. Even though I thought it was extremely frightening 10 years ago, I think it is even worse
now. I was probably too young to understand and see the big picture. This day changed the world forever.

Today my thoughts goes to the family and friends who lost their loved ones in this tragic attack. And to all the brave
men and woman who sacrificed their lives to help. The firefighters, the police, the ambulance and medical staff, the
men and woman in the air force and all the others who did a invaluable contribution to help the injured.

How do you remember this day in 2001?


on this day in 2010.

..I was in Lillehammer. With my best friend*, and two CD's; Flamingo - Brandon Flowers and Aldri Solgt en Løgn - Karpe Diem.
I had everything I needed. (Okey, that's maybe not all true. In the backseat I had my guitar, my MacBooks and my iPhone of course.
I bet you all know this by now.)

*For those of you not knowing my best friend. Let me introduce you. Readers: BMW, BMW: readers.

Tomorrow: friday!

you know you got your daddy's eyes.

Dad and me.

Daddy's Eyes - The Killers.

New day. The sun is shining, I feel rested, happy, inspired. This is going to be a good day.
Love to you all.


leave a trail.

ph. by Henny Sofie.

"Do not go where the path may lead; go instead
where there is no path and leave a trail."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson


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