Saturday, September 17th I went to the "Idéfestival" (Idea Festival) at the University of Oslo. I was super excited and 
had so much to see. All the amazing technology to play with. As a self declared nerd and as an informatics student 
I was at the right place! I brought my little sister and we met up with my help mate, Daniel and another friend, Safa. 
We had a lot of fun playing around, but what fascinated me the most was the visit from the geminoid, "Henrik".
A geminoid is a robot with a human appearance. There are three geminoids in the world today, and "Henrik" is 
the only one outside of Japan, he is also the only one with caucasian face. I was super fascinated and I was so lucky 
I got to know the geminoid's model and "master", Asc. professor Henrik Scharfe and a student from the University of 
 Aalborg in Denmark, Jens. They were both amazingly kind and very patient teaching me how the geminoid works. 
I asked all  kinds of questions and they kindly answered me and showed me all kinds of things "Henrik" could do. 
I am beyond fascinated and I am still excited from this amazing experience. I am so happy for studying informatics and 
I now know for sure, this is what I want to do. Meeting the geminoid "Henrik", professor Henrik Scharfe and Jens 
really inspired me and I would like to thank them both for first of all taking the trip to the University of Oslo, and
for taking the time and being so kind, teaching me so much. Thank you!

Here's some photos from this great day.

I love this one.

Safa and I.

Lill siss.

Safa, the Facebook nerd!

Daniel and I were more excited about these cute little robot, than the kids were. Haha!

Aren't they adorable?

Isn't this simply the most amazing thing you've ever seen? Henrik Scharfe and the geminoid "Henrik".

Me and my new best friend. I really waved good bye to him when we left. He is that human.
Jens asked me at one point if I would slap him if I was allowed. And after thinking about for a second,
of course I wouldn't. Maybe it only says something about my respect for technology, but I really believe
most people wouldn't. He looks human, he acts like a human and I would not manage to slap him. He is 
even a "he" to me. Not "it". This is such an interesting topic. I am going to read more about the technology 
behind it, and keep being fascinated.


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