what the world lost 8 years ago.

The Wanderer - Johnny Cash.

My greatest hero, Johnny Cash died exactly 8 years ago today. He died 71 years old at this exact day in 2003.
Johnny Cash' music has played a great role in my life, I grew up with his music, and he is mainly the reason I
got a black acoustic guitar for christmas some years ago from my parents, and learned to play it. Johnny has inspired
me in so many way and words cannot describe my love for his music. I remember the day my dad told me he died.
I was 12, but he will continue to live through his music, his amazing, deep voice and his lovely guitar play.

I will spend this rainy evening inside with my little brother and sister listening to Cash, eating pizza and ice cream,
while excitingly watching the election broadcast on TV. We will be crossing our fingers here at home!

To all norwegians: if you haven't voted yet, the polling place are still open. Happy voting!

To everyone else; wish you a lovely evening.

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