for all the things that I've become.

Today was a great day. Despite some stressful hours I sat quietly down with my boyfriend for a while, watching Twilight. Later the family hit the sofa and the news, for some quality time together with pizza. I'm very tired so I should have been to bed already, but I can't sleep because mom is going to Ethiopia tonight. I'm very excited for her, but a bit anxious too. I mean it's a long travel and she'll be gone for about ten days. But I'll bet she will have a great time and a wonderful experience. I borrowed her my beloved camera, so she will share her all her great african experiences with me, and maybe all of my readers too when she gets back.

Have a great trip, mom<3
And to all of my readers, good night<3

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Intrinsically Florrie sa...

Your hair's amazing! It's such a beautiful colour and length. :) I think I'm going to go a little darker soon..

Florrie x

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