I'm gonna be the girl who screams the loudest.

Because tomorrow I'm going to see Alecia Beth Moore, most known as P!nk LIVE in Oslo tomorrow! I can't wait. I've been such a HUGE fan since she gave out her first record Can't Take Me Home in 2000. She's been such a great inspiration source for me. I love the way her stage name is associated with something so girly, while she is one of the strongest and toughest artists I know of who questions girls role today. She was one of the first girls, followed by Avril Lavigne, who wore baggy pants, went skating and sang about going to parties, and doing all of this - not being a rapper or hip-hop'er. P!nk caught my attention instantly. She was cool, feminine and sang about songs no other pop diva had ever sang about before her. Her music was and her story inspired me. P!nk's music keeps getting better ( ! ) and is manifoldly.

When P!nk released the record I'm Not Dead with the single Stupid Girls it started a debate all over the world. She lit up a growing problem. Teenage girls around the world seemed to have an unofficial competition running - in being dumbest. It was all of a sudden cool to be blond and stupid. Stupid Girls started a debate. P!nk couldn't understand why girls would dumb themselves to be cute and sexy. A woman with her own opinions, with power and who knows what she wants is a lot more interesting and sexy than a girl who doesn't seem to understand much. Don't you agree?

The music video to the Stupid Girls song is a must see, if you already haven't.

I'm super excited for tomorrow, it will be my second time seeing her live, and
I will give you all a detailed report both before and after the concert tomorrow!

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Intrinsically Florrie sa...

My colleague went to see her last week =D She really enjoyed it.
Have fun!

Florrie x

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