For my brother's confirmation I bought these shoes, in witch I love and this dress. (Extremely bad picture of the dress, I'm sorry). Anyways, I can't wait to wear it, the confirmation isn't until next saturday, so I still have to wait a long time before I'm wearing it. Well, at least I have something to look forward to. There is just something about the dress that I love, but it is kind of hard to point out. I guess it is because it it so simple and classic. Personally I prefer to wear it without the waist band in the picture. The dress looks more simple and there is something Chanel looking over it without the band. So straight, the lines are perfect. I'll post a picture of it from the confirmation, so you can see what I mean. The shoes on the other hand, is more rough and a tough contrast to the plain dress. The shoes covered in studded details looks really cool together with the dress. I'm very happy about these two new items in my closet.

Well, I should consider to sleep now. It's past midnight and I even though I have the day off tomorrow, I'm getting up early.

Let's call it a night.
Sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs bite.

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