Gorgeous Natasha Poly in a strapless, spangled dress. Her make-up is pretty, not over the top and looks really good on her.
The pictures are from the premier on the movie Looking for Eric.

I totally fell in love with the transparent, spangled dress Eva Herzigova wore on the premier for Looking for Eric, from Atelier Versace.

I think spangled clothes looks amazing and I find this blazer from H&M really cool.
With the right accessories, skinny jeans and the right heels - this blazer would look astonishingly awesome.
I believe one of these pair of shoes would look really cool with this blazer and black skinny jeans.
These shoes are from F21 and I think they're amazing!

I've also fallen in love with these pairs from Bianco.

What do you think of spangled clothing?

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caroline sa...

you are followed. håper det blir gjensidig;)
I love spangled clothing, but it must be worn the right way. With not to much accessories.

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