i'm the happy owner of world's most amazing diary.

I turned 18 in June already, but I haven't managed to celebrate yet, so my lovely girls Synnøve and Linn Marie gave me my birthday gift here the other day and I have to say it is one of the most creative gifts I've received. It's the most amazing diary in the world! It's called A YEAR IN FASHION and is full of amazing and inspiring pictures and quotes! I'm so grateful for it and I can't wait for January 1st and a new year with great happenings to fill this book with. Thank you so much again, Synnøve and Linni! Love the diary and I love you, girls.


4 kommentarer:

Fee sa...

This looks like a great journal, such a great gift.

Love how huge it is.

Fee x

synnøve mzungu sa...

er ikke du tidenes sweet monkey?!
kosli at du likte den!! :) jeg er bloggtryne igjen! woho! særemne sin skyld. xx

Anonym sa...

aw, you're lucky! I want that diary!:P

I thin you should celebrate your bday, event though it was some time ago...! How about a dinner with some of your friends? (I like birthday parties)

glad i deg regine, klem anna<3

Intrinsically Florrie sa...

Happy belated birthday! :D
Eek- it's my 18th soon (well just a few months), it seems so odd, I've been thinking about it arriving so long.

That is one lovely diary!
And the photographs are really gorgeous.

Florrie x

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