triaden awards.

Yesterday the center I work on, Triaden, had a great party for all it's employees and it was a huge success! It was given awards to the best stores in different categories. It was 8 awards and 2 awards of honor. For those of you who doesn't know - I work at a coffee bar. We were nominated for two awards out of the 8, but we didn't win any of them. At last the center leader was to give out the very last award, the award of honor; "Store of the Year 2009" - everyone were so excited. Guess who won? WE DID. Ah, we were all so proud, receiving the award from the center leader. The night ended by buses returning home at 02 A.M, after a LONG and amazing night! Great food, music, drinks, friends and other great people - a lot of dancing, singing/screaming and mingling. Loads of smiling, laughing and fun - and today? Today I'm tired. Definitely worth it. Congrats to my great colleagues - we have definitely deserved this award!

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Mina sa...

Så fin du var/er!
er kjolen Jenny Skavlan? Om jeg tar feil så ligner den ihvertfall veldig.
Gratulerer med prisen, kommer sikkert flere etterhvert ;)

Aria G sa...

what a fabulous/gorgeous friend i have. you are a star <3
Ari xox

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