Lovely Intrinsically Florrie nominated me the "Over The Top" blog award. I'm flattered! Okey, now I'm supposed to answer some really hard questions with only one word - in which is not easy for me, as the talkative girl I am. Well, well - off I go:

Where's your cell phone : charger
Your hair : straight
Your mother : amazing
Your father : best
Favorite food : yummy
Dream last night : funny
Favourite drink : juice
What room are you : living-room (hehe)
Hobby : smiling
Fear : unavoidable
Where were you last night : home
Something that you aren't : perfect
Muffins : chocolate
Where did you grow up : home
What are you wearing : PJ
Your pet(s) : adorable
Friends : greatest
Something you're not wearing : socks
Favorite store : VS
Favorite color : pink
Last time you laughed : recently
Your best friend : many
Place you go to over and over : school
Person who emails you regularly : FACEBOOK!

Okey, not easy. Florrie inspired me on the what are you not question, she answered it great. My best friend is not answerable! Where should I start? My parents, my sister and brother, my boy friend and I have over 40 girls I consider my sister spread all over the world. I don't have one best friend. More like a bunch of great friends. To quote a great, inspiring friend of mine; "I have no best friend, only a lot of good friends!" - Synnøve. VS (Victoria's Secret) is definitely my favorite store and I'm a living room person, so I kind of merged the two words, hehe.

I was very flattered by being nominated, so now's my turn nominating some of my favorite blogs, here we go:
1. Rett Fra Hjertet - Synnøve, my friend - one of the most inspiring girls I know of, her blog is unfortunately in norwegian, so for those of you who are not from Norway, you may enjoy the pictures. Synnøve blogs mostly about her travels, Africa, social matters and environmental questions and a lot more interesting things. This girl made me ask myself where all the products I buy are from.
2. The December Girl - Anna Fredrikke, a lovely girl with a gorgeous blog, focusing mostly on fashion, this lovely girl provides her readers with beautiful pictures, inspiring quotes and other inspiring posts!
3. HennySofie - Henny Sofie, my little sister deserves a nomination for backing me up, always. Her blog is also in norwegian, unfortunately. Henny Sofie, blogs mostly about happenings in her everyday life, and post short updates, every now and then. She is a lovely girl, always smiling and inspiring others.
4. Intrinsically Florrie - Florrie, of course! Sweet, active blogger, always leaving me cute comments on my blog, definitely deserves a nomination back - for probably being my most faithful reader! Her blog is DEFINITELY worth a visit to, she is great! (But of course, you don't have to do this once more, Florrie ^^)
5. Purviukas-Maklius - Ieva, one of my earlier mentioned sister (among 40 others)! She is along with my boy friend, one of the greatest photographers I know of! Her work is applaudable! She shot some amazing photos of me and they are priding my bedroom wall now. A great, beautiful girl with a great passion for photography!

Thanks again, Florrie!


5 kommentarer:

Susanna sa...

Gratulerer :-) Fine svar!
Og takk for bloggtips er på linkerunde ;)

Anna sa...

thnx sweetie for my nomination!<3 big kisses:*

Anna sa...

btw, I nominated you back!<3

synnøve mzungu sa...

thanx, shawty!! <3 nydelig å lese det du har skrevet om blogga mi<3

Intrinsically Florrie sa...

You really deserve it. :)

Aww that's so sweet thank you.

Florrie x

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