random from my photo album.

Okey, I got this really cute mail from an american reader who asked if I could just post some random pictures from my photo albums, which I attend to do in this post. She also asked kindly if I would write a little comment under the pictures, to tell why I posted that exact picture. Okey, here we go;

This is from Málaga in April, I totally fell in love with this view and Granada city. And I'm wearing my awesome harem pantes. (Photo: Jonas Lødemel Bråthen)

Also from Málaga, eating at a restaurant admiring this beautiful building at a late summer night with good friends.

Once again from Málaga. I love this picture, because it's taken during a hilerious moment. (Photo: Jonas Lødemel Bråthen)

La Alhambra in Málaga, the pictures speaks for it self. The motive is amazing.
My house during winter time, "cathing the moment".
My yard, and.. that's kind of my trampoline to the right. Hehe.
"My street".
One of the great play dates with my brother and sister.
Study time with a warm cup of tea.
Beautiful sky on my way to school.
Two of the greatest friends a girl can have, new years eve '08. Us being totally random as always, one posing, one being busy with something else and one making funny faces x).

Okey, that's it for now. Have a great evening, cupcakes!

1 kommentar:

Fee sa...

The 4th image is amazing, Its hard to believe it is Malaga.

Also I'm so jealous of the pictures of your street and back garden! All that snow!!
I hate winter... but you can't love snow.
Here in the UK we get an inch of sloppy grey snow ha.

Fee x

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