smile like you mean it.

It's not even past 9 p.m and I'm already in my pj, happily placed in my warm and cozy bed. First class tomorrow is religion and ethics, so I thought I might prepare my self a bit, so I'm reading about Islam. Very interesting indeed, fascinating. Anyhow, I can't believe it's monday tomorrow, already. This weekend flew by so quickly, but I've had a great time! I celebrated the submission of the literary topic with my class, my boyfriend surprised me with premier tickets to Fame and today my mom baked my favorite cinnamon rolls. Tomorrow, a new day, a new week - if we just remember to smile and remember to rejoice over small things, I believe this will be a great week.

Photo: Markus Orlien.

(By my favorite band The Killers)


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Anonym sa...

This is a lovely post :)
I'm in my pjs too despite the time :D Sunday's go pretty slowly.
Oh! I know what you mean about the whole 'can't believe it's monday tomorrow' thing too! The weekend goes so quickly now-a-days :( It's kinda' sad..

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