the school day is very soon over.

My forhead is boiling and I feel dizzy. Luckily the school day is over very soon. Class is a mess and no one finds the concentration to do anything, no one is even pretending to do something reasonable. Armin - turning 18 today actually - is taking pictures of himself with Ingrid's cell phone and Katinka and Ingrid is laughing at a picture of our teacher. I can't really hear Synnøve and Marit's conversation but I bet it has something to do with Africa. Anissa is borrowing my hand cream, Simen is eating on a pen and Sebastian is probably just messing around on the internet on his lame computer, while Ken and I look cool with our awesome MacBooks. Everyone is just doing there thing. The substitue seems to have given up, on the dawn of the day, sitting there chewing on his Fisherman's Friend. I'm boiling. Luckily the school day is over very soon.


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