good times.

Friday I was planning to celebrate my birthday, but the girls were all busy so I was going to spend the  evening at home. Until I got kidnapped that is.

My mom blindfolded me, telling me my little sister had a surprise for me in the front yard. Suddenly I
was left to myself, no one responded and someone led me through the yard and put me in a car.

The girls were obviously busy kidnapping me and I had no idea about what was going on.
Mom, my brother and sister was involved and the girls had really planned this!
I was didn't know wether I was going to laugh or cry. It was a bit scary and we drove around for an hour
(they got a bit lost on the way) and I had no idea who was in the car, 'cause no one was talking. But they
were playing loud music; my all time favorite songs. I can't believe how they've
picked up on all of the songs - I bet Katinka should have the credit for this. I have so many great memories to each song they played. 

After an hour of driving I was led up some stairs, taken inside and put in a chair. I got a glass in my hand
and suddenly I heard the girls singing the birthday song. I took the blindfold of and I couldn't help but cry
a little as I saw Synnøve, Katinka, Katharina and Marit singing to me and I realized I am the luckiest girl
to have the most amazing friends.

Marit and Katharina had made a lovely dinner, Katinka had baked the best carrot cake,
while Synnøve had made the sweetest muffins with dark and white chocolate and loads of frosting.
We had such a great evening; eating, talking and laughing. I also got the nicest gift!
Thank you girls, thank you for making this the best birthday surprise ever - you are the best!

The following day, saturday, I met up with Synnøve and Katinka.
We went shopping and had such a fun day. (More pictures to come).
Synnøve and I.

Saturday night we went out and had a blast!

 Me, Synnøve, Torstein, Henrik & Katharina.

A happy twenty year old girl!

All pictures in this post is by Katinka!

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