happy belated new year.

One resolution I have made,
and try always to keep, is this: 
To rise above the little things.
- John Burroughs

Hope you've all had a lovely new year so far. Kept your resolutions? Do you have any good resolutions - or do you choose to not have resolutions?

I have a few, and I look forward to keep them through the year, like I did all through 2010.


2 kommentarer:

Annie sa...

I have resolutions EVERY year and I'm very good at keeping them! Love the picture and the quote by the way =). I went to NYC New Years Eve, and it was magical. you should definitely go there sometime =)

xoxo -

Regine Pandora sa...

Thank you for your comment :) I bet NY was fantastic, I'm dreaming of going there^^


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